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Nursery Check

Hey y'all! Been crazy for me recently but I thought a thread on sewing everyone's nursery or baby spaces might be fun. 

I was feeling guilty on not starting mine yet (converting guest/craft room) but then my water heater in the closet next to that room leaked and long story short we had to remove flooring, dry it, and now have some repairs and new flooring done. So on the bright side everything is cleared out from that room and we get a clean brand new start! They just started painting it and I'm having a boy but I kinda want an eclectic colorful theme. 


Re: Nursery Check

  • Our was formerly and art/homeschool room. We have to rip the carpet out and get work done but I'm having a hard time finding someone to do it. It currently has sparkly walls in Silken Peacock and I'm very sad to see it go. 😭
  • moogieksmoogieks member
    Good luck on your floors! It can be a pain to live in the chaos while they are getting it done but hopefully worth it 🙏
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  • mia80mia80 member
    We are building a house this year that is supposed to be ready the month before baby gets here. We will probably just move everything from our son's room to baby's room (crib, dresser, change table), and then get a toddler bed for our son's room with a bigger dresser.

    I think I'd like to make a quilt for baby, and get a couple stuffies / pictures. Maybe sloths? I don't know. We plan on keeping baby in a bassinet in our room for the first 4 months, so there's no rush!
  • moogieksmoogieks member
    New house!! How exciting 😀 love the idea of making baby a new quilt, they're so personal. My sister is knitting a baby blanket for mine 💕
  • mia80mia80 member
    @moogieks your post inspired me and I ran out to a fabric store at lunch today. If I'm not working on the room I can at least start the quilt!!

    Looks like these will be baby's colours... Theme maybe rainbows and animals???

  • @mia80 I absolutely love that idea and all the fabric. 
  • egsc21egsc21 member
    I have yet to start the nursery. We need to gut the room down to studs because there is no insulation and the drywall is old and damaged anyway. This is a huge source of anxiety. I just started cleaning out some stuff to start demo soon. My husband is doing most of it himself and he is just recovering from surgery. Hoping to be mostly done before September????

    Thoughts and prayers 
  • moogieksmoogieks member
    It will work out, @egsc21! Thats what I always tell myself to get thru the rough parts or when things are too daunting to start. Always helps to break it down into a list and just focus on one small thing at a time. 

    Loving it @mia80!!! Will be so cute.
  • I need to move some furniture out, then paint, then assemble dresser and crib, and hang shelving. Also working on getting insulation in the room.
  • sandy5693sandy5693 member
    @ferret22 I love the old dollhouse as a bookshelf idea!
  • moogieksmoogieks member
    @ferret22 love that happy yellow!

    And omg @amandax22095, that's so inspiring, looks super ready for babies!! Really calming room, love the vibes. The national forest theme fits their names too well ♡

    I should be getting flooring installed today, might have to ask for a paint touch-up too since some blue got on one wall. Can't wait to get everything that was in my water damaged nursery room OUT of my livingroom and elsewhere. I'm really into "projects" but I ain't got the energy/ability to do em at almost 28 weeks so my mom is repainting a crib I found on FB marketplace. 
  • Thank you for all the nursery inspo everyone!  I love everyone's creative ideas.  @krysnicole1022 I love them all, but I love the one all the way to the right the most.  You can't go wrong!
  • @sandy5693 I love that one. It's the one I was drawn to first and I got the other two so I could make sure. Maybe I'll just paint a whole wall. 
  • moogieksmoogieks member
    Love it @krthouse!! Cozy space ;)

    @krysnicole1022 all good colors but I do lean towards the lightest. 

    And I love the woodland theme! @jennaverhaeghe almost did similar myself
  • krthousekrthouse member
    @moogieks I love that flooring! The darker tones are so pretty.
  • ferret22ferret22 member
    That's such a fun mural! At first I liked the middle color best but now I'm thinking the one to the right that's lightest might go best with that mural. All three are great choices though, they're definitely reflected in the mural. 
  • krthousekrthouse member
    @krysnicole1022 The mural has a lot of dark high contrast moments. If you want a moodier look the darkest tone picks up on the palms trees, but if you want to soften it out the lightest colour picks up on the lighter mountains in the background.
  • You ladies have pretty much summed up my dilemma. Haha. I need to get the mural so I can color match. 
  • grahamkmgrahamkm member
    @krysnicole1022 I, personally, would base the rest of the walls off of furniture- if you are using darker toned furniture pick a lighter wall color for the rest of the room! But if you have white/light colored furniture the dark walls in contrast with that would probably pop really nicely!
  • It's a medium gray so it neither dark nor light which is why I'm stuck. The recliner is dark brown but it goes really well with darker colors. I'm thinking of doing light blue frames on the prints which wouldn't look as good with the lighter color. 
    I asked my husband and he told me he likes them all. We are putting LVP in there and that will be a medium wood. Not too light or too dark. I really need to order the mural so I can see it in person. 
  • grahamkmgrahamkm member
    I can see your dilemma- I think inevitably both options are good options and the room will turn out lovely and your son will love it 😊
  • Thank you! I always go all out for my kids rooms but something just isn't feeling right with this one and I'm sure it has something to do with being afraid I'll jinx it.
  • bows22bows22 member
    @krysnicole1022 I love the middle color, but the lighting in our house is so crappy that I would have to go with the lighter one. It looks like you started out with a darker color though and it looks great so you probably have more flexibility!

    DH finally started painting DD’s new room which is our first step to getting the nursery ready! Her current room is next to ours so we are moving her down the hall so the baby can be next to us. It’s eventually going to be pink but the old owners had it in that purple color and 2 coats of primer later you can still see the purple 🥴. He had to go out to get more this morning 

  • Absolutely love your wall color and pup!
  • krthousekrthouse member
    @krysnicole1022 Thank you 🥰 Cricket loves to check on all things baby.
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