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November 2022 Moms

What my pregnant self is eating?

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In our house nachos never disappoint.

What is everyone else eating?


Re: What my pregnant self is eating?

  • @ponyoisfun that picture has me wanting chips and dip and to just smell a jumbo half and half sangria margarita. 
  • Strawberries! It's strawberry season so so many strawberries. I'm actually going to buy a flat today to do my jam for the year (normally I'd pick them but not feeling up to it this year).
    I'm also craving for beer. I know there's non alcoholic versions but I'm a bit of a beer snob and there's no non alcoholic GOOD ones. A couple of times when we were on vacation hubby got a beer and I stole a sip and it was soooo good.
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  • @mflowers929 OMG, yes beer. It was really hot the other day and my husband had a red beer and I stole a sip or two. It tasted heavenly.
  • I don’t drink beer period it don’t like the smell. But today while in the pool I held my husbands beer in one hand and his Bloody Mary in the other and just loved the smell. 

    @mflowers929 I don’t know what I pushed when I tried to reply to your comment but I’m hoping it was report the comment because that was not what I was trying to do. Sorry if it did. Sometimes my phone does what it wants. 
  • ashnicellashnicell member
    My appetite for food has been really low. All I seem to want lately are smoothies and slushies. I just want cold, icey things.
  • Have never really been a big red meat person, but give me alll the pork chops, brisket and tri tip.

    Also fruit - mangoes, berries, watermelon
  • I am eating… Everything, or at least that is how I feel! I was slow to gain weight during the first trimester and now I feel that I am making up for it plus some! A few of my cravings have been sour watermelon candy (the chewy kind). I think I have the sour patch kids brand right now. So addicting! 
  • Right now, these ruffle chips and french onion dip are heaven.
  • I would eat a bag of Cheetos every day if I had no self-discipline. Pregnant or not, I love those stupid things.  :p
  • I think only now am I starting to feel hungrier than my baseline. Have others been feeling extra hungry for a while?
  • I was STARVING in the very beginning, through about 11/12 weeks. Since then, it feels like a normal level of hunger and it's leveled out. I still try to eat several smaller snacks throughout the day to keep me balanced. 
  • We were just traveling and had some great ice cream.  One flavor had brie in it!
  • @ponyoisfun yum, that sounds amazing!!

    I had a salad with strawberries, blueberries, craisins, and almonds the other day with sweet onion vinaigrette and it was AMAZING. I really want some more lol
    Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
  • Here lately I have wanted Pepsi. I don’t normally drink sodas but just one sip of Pepsi is almost a spiritual experience. We don’t even keep Pepsi in our house. 
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