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Baby gear/registry questions and recommendations

I’ve been seeing a lot of separate threads about registry items and baby gear.   Here’s a good place to consolidate  it all to one place. 

Re: Baby gear/registry questions and recommendations

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a fairly compact double stroller - ? for a newborn and 2 year old 
  • FTM here. Does anyone have any recommendations for nursing pillows? 
    I am debating between the Boppy or the My Best Friend. 
    I am leaning towards the My Best Friend but the back rest looks like it might be uncomfortable if I am sitting back in a chair. All of the photos on Amazon show mothers sitting up without leaning back. So I wasn’t sure if this would be an issue. 
    I just got a recliner/swivel chair from Target and I want a pillow that will be comfortable while sitting in a recliner. Any advice would be great appreciated!! 
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    @beach2mtns2desert I actually got both boopy and my Brest friend.  I think the breast friend is better for newborn stage but later I only used the boopy.  I bought the boopy brand new and got the breast friend on Facebook market for like $15 or $10.  I’m sure I’ll use both again for this new baby.   
    Whichever you get bring one in your hospital bag!   For some reason I read that a nursing pillow was unnecessary so I didn’t get one, then at the first pediatrician appointment they let me use one (boopy) and I was amazed at what I was missing. 

    Is your screen name because you live in Oregon or California? With beaches mountains and desert ?  Or you love traveling to all terrain?
  • @autumn87654321 thank you for the info!!!  When you were using the My Best Friend, were you able to sit in a chair or couch comfortably? I might just put both on my registry and see if someone is nice enough to get my one of them lol 
    and thanks for letting me know about the hospital bag. I will definitely bring it with me. I wouldn’t even have thought to bring it! 
    So my name comes from places I lived. I grew up at the beach in Southern California and went to college in Santa Cruz Ca. Then I lived the last ten years in Tahoe but moved down the hill to nevada about 8 months ago or so. 
  • @beach2mtns2desert I could sit sortof comfortably with both. Depended on the chair and sometimes I’d put an extra pillow under it.  I bed I would have liked the my breast friend for middle of the night nursing in bed to sit up a little better.  I ended up finding that “laid back breastfeeding” worked best for me after a couple months - I didn’t have to hunch over to feed him that way so I was much more comfortable. But I still used the nursing pillow often. 
  • @autumn87654321 ugh, yes, the back pain from hunching over to nurse. I have a very long torso as well so that just compounds it. I do a LOT of side laying nursing in the beginning because of it.
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  • Thank you both for your input! I appreciate it! 
  • Buy Buy Baby has the Chicco Fit2 in beige for $168! Sign up for emails and get the 20% off coupon until tomorrow 7/14 and apply to the order. Free shipping and my total was $144 for 1 car seat, I’ve never seen them so cheap! Get yours now if you want one. I got two because my sister is expecting as well, the total was still cheaper than the price of one retail. 
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    @beach2mtns2desert I had the boppy originally and then did a lactation consult where they gave me a pillow like MBF. IMO, the boppy slides down/doesn't stay put so I got uncomfortable frequently. With MBF, I could get it tight around me and take the pressure off my hands from holding baby's head because he could fully rest on the pillow!

    The back is mostly pillow and I think if you have a cushioned chair you wouldn't notice the buckle much when sitting back. 

    After a bit I nixed both and just nursed laying down on my side for the most part. 
  • @beach2mtns2desert We actually have two my breast friends! I would have one in each room that we spent a lot of time in.   I could not do without one for both of my kids.  

    They are super comfortable and I love that they have a pocket to stash stuff. I also suggest going to a BFing group now and when the baby is born to try out different options.  At our birth center they always have a lot of different sizes and types of nursing pillows. 
  • Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I just bought a MBF that was gently used off Facebook marketplace for $20. I’ve heard such great things about it. And if worse comes to worse it was only $20. 
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