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Streptococcus mitis/s. oralis?

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Has anyone ever had a urine culture come back positive for strep mitis/s. oralis? I had lots of pressure on my bladder and my doctor ran the culture, but I received the results on a Friday and won’t hear back about next steps until next week. Slightly panicking but trying to stay calm!!! Google is not my friend of course LOL. I’m not showing any other symptoms for anything to be really wrong.

Our anatomy scan was perfect this week, so this was a bit off putting. :( I’m also carrying group B strep, too, which I knew before I was pregnant.

Re: Streptococcus mitis/s. oralis?

  • @pardueparty that’s a strange organism to cause a UTI! But as long as they did a culture and sensitivity and you are taking the correct antibiotic, it should resolve as any other UTI. Sometimes those organisms are stubborn, so make sure you finish the whole regimen and let your provider know immediately if you develop any urinary symptoms after you finish. Sometimes I see with S. mitas and E. Coli two round of antibiotics aren’t uncommon to get rid of the infection completely. 
  • UTIs are fairly common during pregnancy. I'm prone to them normally and have had positive urine cultures for s. epidermis 4 times (including one straight cath sample to rule out cross contamination) since early May that didn't seem to be clearing up with the first antibiotic they put me on. My OB ended up prescribing a different antibiotic for the rest of my pregnancy. 4x per day for 7 days, then 1x per day for the duration.
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  • Thanks mamas! The doctor got back to me today and said it was a normal contaminant and they don’t typically treat it, but to reach out if I start experiencing burning while urinating. Not sure how I feel about that completely, but I knew it wasn’t a normal culture result because I’ve been prone to UTIs since I was a kid.
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