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First time mom, due in October.

Hello, Moms! Congratulations 🍼! What do our October baby’s need? What are you packing in your hospital bags?

Re: First time mom, due in October.

  • We have product spotlights each week to help with registries and once we get closer to October (probably in September) we will discuss hospital bags! 
  • Hi! Honestly you’ll need pretty much nothing! I just brought some toiletries since I’m vegan and things like the toothpaste that the hospital provided wasn’t vegan friendly. I brought a couple of snacks which I didn’t end up eating and then just a going home outfit for DS :) 
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  • ms_holmesms_holmes member
    Thank you, what about our babies? I want To make sure I’m prepared for fall and winter, without over doing it.
  • For clothes in general or for the hospital bag? 
    Clothes in general are tricky because you have no idea how quickly they will grow or what size they will be when they are born. My last son never managed newborn sizes. My daughter before that wore newborn for a week maybe. You'll want to have a few things but not too much in each size to be prepared. My son was in 2T and outweighed his sister by 8 months old. His sister was 2. I prefer to have a few things in each size and then by based on needs. The important things to remember is that bulky clothing cannot go in car seats. Any bulky covers that are inserted into the car seat are a no no. You want the cover that goes around the top of the car seat. You can tuck blankets around them. 
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