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Weekly Randoms Week of 7/4

This is the place to put all the one offs instead of starting new threads :) 

Re: Weekly Randoms Week of 7/4

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  • @tryingktogku I admire your organization skills 😆 and am glad somebody is trying to curb all the one-off posts!!

    @footdrbritt me. I have been randomly weepy basically since Uvalde (and there has been so much that has happened, even since then). Pregnancy hormones probably don't help but that's not all it is. I am so scared and anxious for my kids growing up in this world.
  • I had my first appointment with my midwife yesterday and I'm a little upset.  They rated me a 3 on the risk category which means I'm a medium risk.  If I get 1 more point I am switched to high risk and then I will have to find another practice.  1 point is my age (38), 1 point is that I had a LEEP nearly 20 years ago and I have never had an abnormal pap since and I had my daughter 7 years ago with no issues, the last point is related to my thyroid I have been working with a holistic practitioner trying to treat root causes vs going diectly for a rx.  I don't want to build a relationship with this practice only to be tossed out at the end.
  • anniez85anniez85 member
    @stargazer38 that’s insane! Your age shouldn’t be that much of a factor. My midwife didn’t care about it at all when I was taken on as a patient even though I was worried about being geriatric. Hoping all goes well and you can stay put! 
  • @daffodil_shoebi noticed mine these last few days! Wild how it grows!

    @jennifer_louise  lol it’s driving me nuts lol

  • @anniez85 when I looked at the paperwork it looked like they were trying to say I was at risk for high blood pressure/pre-eclamplsia due to my age, even though I didn't have any issues with blood pressure during my first pregnancy and I have never had any issues with blood pressure when I am not pregnant.  
    One of the things that will give me another point is gestational diabetes controlled by diet.  I had gestational diabetes last time and I controlled it with diet and my daughter was 6lbs 1oz.  I feel like I need to search for a different midwife.
  • cc_clarkcc_clark member
    @tryingktogku @jennifer_louise
    I second that!! We all want to be supportive here, but man it’s annoying to sort so much clutter to find updates 😅

    @footdrbritt absolutely same. It’s very hard for me to find the balance between informed and overwhelmed 🙁
  • beccaneubeccaneu member
    @stargazer38 I’m not sure if you are really invested in this being your midwife but personally if I was in that situation I would find someone who isn’t going to make me switch providers if I become high risk.  That’s just so stressful and honestly there is so much that can come up during pregnancy.  Switching now would be annoying sure, but I feel like later on it will be way harder.  I’m sorry they are putting you in this situation though.
  • @stargazer38 I agree with @beccaneu, I would find a different provider! I feel like the sooner the better—I had to switch to a high risk doc at 20 weeks last time and it was honestly a mess. 

    I have become my own worst doctor…I was late this morning already and still stopped for coffee and a breakfast sandwich 🫢 I was only 15 min late and my first patient didn’t show up; but I really need to get it together in the morning 
  • Might be early to think about this butttt....... Baby Showers. I'm thinking of doing mine in mid-November (on my birthday) to avoid all the holidays and the insane schedule conflicts that come with December. Not to mention the weather- always potential for snow. 

    Anyways, he has a huge family and I have 6 people. But he has minimal friends and I have many. I'm not a fan of female-only and feel that a mixed group would be fun and inclusive. Is it weird to have 2 showers? Either one family oriented and the other friend oriented? Or his side/her side? Or, as recently suggested, make it an Open House where people can come whenever and stay whenever within certain hours?

    Thoughts? Past experiences? Suggestions? Any ideas are so welcome!
  • Has anyone had the nuchal thickness testing done yet? I feel I like I’m on eggshells, waiting for my appt. At the last one they were sending me to a specialist because they saw a little more thickness than usual.. baby was moving a lot and very strong heart beat, just would like some answers.
  • @greenbean88 not weird to have two. I did, granted they were each in different states, but they were hosted by a family member on each his and my side, so the invites for each were quasi by side along with geography. 
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