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16 weeks & swollen left foot/calf - anyone else?

Hi Bump friends! I'm 16 weeks along and for the past 2ish weeks I've noticed my left foot (and shin/calf) get swollen.. and stay swollen. It's visible but I don't feel any differently one leg to the next... Have you experienced this? Any recommendations? My doc doesn't seem concerned but I find it a little early/odd.... Thanks!

Re: 16 weeks & swollen left foot/calf - anyone else?

  • Does it have pitting? (When you push it, does it stay indented or does it immediately go back). Your doctor being not concerned is completely wrong in this scenario. Did they see it in person or just through a call/medical message? Did they check your BP? It could be an indication of a blood clot, especially since it’s only one leg. My friend had a very serious one during pregnancy. Get a second opinion. 
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  • Seconding the recommendation for a second opinion. Blood clots (and even the chance of one) are nothing to mess around with and single leg swelling is a symptom of a blood clot. Hopefully it's nothing, but better safe than sorry.
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  • It could be something or it could be nothing. Without further investigation there is no way to be sure. I would get a second opinion or request a venous doppler study, as well as a liver panel and a urine protein. 
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