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WTF Wednesday 6/1

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What makes no sense in your world?

In mine my mom refuses to take a covid test after being exposed to covid and wanting to see us.  She was so upset that I would even suggest it even though I have to take them ALL THE TIME and it is really not a big deal. I tried explaining that it can be asymptomatic and she just kept saying she "felt fine" and so that was good enough.  Honestly, I love taking tests because then I know I am not going around spreading it. 

Re: WTF Wednesday 6/1

  • So our van decided to develop a knock last week out of nowhere. Took it to the garage and... it needs a whole new freaking engine. They gave us a quote and it's almost the same as what the van is worth, and almost 3 times what we were charged the last time we needed a new engine (we have no luck with vehicles - this would be our 5th that needs a new engine).
    I know the supply chain is effed right up, but WTF!
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  • anmdanmd member
    Finally confronted my mom about her drinking. It’s been so out of control for so long, but somehow it’s reached another level. It’s not fun or healthy to be around.  Especially for my 1.5 yo son… that didn’t go well at all 
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  • @anmd That sounds so hard.  And brave of you to confront her. 
  • kv3031122kv3031122 member
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    I’m so sorry to hear your struggle. I have the same situation with a parent that struggles with alcohol abuse. Be strong! @anmd
  • kbedfoxkbedfox member
    @anmd what a difficult situation. Hopefully your mom sees the light and decides to change for her sake, yours, and your son’s. 

    My SD is intent on being miserable for the sake of being miserable. She’s 12 and hates everything except her mom, who tries to be her friend instead of her parent. Everything I say elicits an eye roll or she stomps off in a rage. I’m tired of trying. 

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  • kv3031122kv3031122 member
    Our wtf moment this week is that we live in a small community and have had the same neighbours for 10 years. It’s the kind of community where we help each other, if you have an issue you talk about it. 

    We’ll our new neighbours called the bylaw on us over dead branches and since they’re original to the house the trees are super tall. We’re getting quotes $5,000 - $15,000! 

    Thanks new neighbours. 
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