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What my pregnant self is eating - May


Re: What my pregnant self is eating - May

  • @EmilyE13 that sounds heavenly. I just planted my tomatoes for the season and now I can't wait for them to be ready. 
  • Aycul18Aycul18 member
    @krysnicole1022 have you grown watermelon or cantaloupe before? I know you mentioned being in the chicago area and I planted some for the first time this year too. Leaves are sprouting really nice, but DH is convinced they either won’t do well or the dog will get to them before we do 🤣
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  • @Aycul18 watermelon is new for me this year but I grew cantaloupe successfully last year. I planted it way late but I was still able to get a couple of melons before it got cold. I only planted two watermelon this year as a test. I had friends in southern Illinois grow a few and there are farms nearby that grow them so I took a shot. I have a rabbit fence and bird netting on it right now because the grackles and robins came for my strawberries. 🙄 I also planted bell peppers, a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and hot peppers. I was not successful with peppers or cucumbers last year because my tomatoes strangled them. Oh and sugar snap peas. My kids love them raw so I'm hoping those grow. My green peppers are already starting to produce and I'm very excited. 
    If the watermelon is successful I'm building a new planter next year to hold all the watermelon. 🤣
  • @EmilyE13 I’m so so jealous you’re in Italy! I lived off of tomatoes and capers when I was there. Yum. 
  • Now I'm fantasizing about cake. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    DD and I destroyed a watermelon in like 3 days this week. We usually grocery shop on Sundays but DH was on a golf trip so he is going today, I can’t wait to have more haha. We typically just go for one with a nice flat yellow spot and that has served us well!

    im still craving cold & fruity, so fruit but also things I wouldn’t typically go for like jello, popsicles, juice. I typically drink unsweetened iced tea for caffeine but I’ve found myself wanting to add lemonade most days. I’m trying not to go too crazy but it’s hard!
  • @bows22 I've also been having iced tea/lemonade almost every day and I never drink either! 

    I had a weird craving for sliced deli cheddar cheese this weekend and it felt SO good when it was fulfilled  :D
  • Watermelon knowledge for the win!

    @krthouse That's a good day <3 I had a GF strawberry shortcake whoopie pie on Saturday because I was so productive. It was good.
  • Aycul18Aycul18 member
    @krysnicole1022 I’ve tried bell peppers the past 2 years and nothing :-( I’m waiting to put in tomatoes until I see a little growth on my cucumbers. Hoping they get a bit bigger this week so I can plant tomatoes next weekend. I had the same issue with the cukes last year! The sugar snap peas were a hit here too. I had my husband build me another bed this year so we can move our raspberries and added the other berries and melons to it 🤣
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  • @Aycul18 it took so long for the tomatoes to actually flower last year and then they exploded! Tomatoes were the easiest thing for me to grow last year. I hope we get lucky!
  • Aycul18Aycul18 member
    @krysnicole1022 I couldn’t eat them or give them away fast enough last year. So many tomatoes! 
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  • Watermelon update: got a new one from Trader Joe’s and it’s delicious! A LITTLE grainy, but it’s sooo sweet and amazing 
  • pangolindromepangolindrome member
    edited May 2022
    I am not eating curry, apparently. I had it two days ago and spent the whole night feeling like a whole sea urchin was making its way through my system. It was awful and I had to stay home yesterday. I think I can have spicy food my body is usually fully amenable to, like salsa, Tapatio, Takis, that sort of thing, but if it causes my stomach any distress at all normally... it is now off my table. 
  • Watermelon is my favourite treat right now! I can polish off a whole one myself in 2 days if I don't pace myself. Other cravings have been salt and vinegar chips or anything salty/sour like pickles. Also raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, I'll eat like it's candy!

  • Breakfast- and i am still hungry!
  • Mozza sticks are the new fixation. DH found frozen ones by a restaurant chain at our grocery store. Danger. Joy.
  • rcgwrcgw member
    We usually eat in/make dinner, aside from the occasional pizza order, but this month we've ordered Costa Vida (Mexican food) probably 10 times. 😬 I just want it every day and try to limit it to less than every day. 
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