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Wearable pumps

I am trying to research a wearable pump to purchase for my latest pregnancy.  Due to the high cost, I wanted to see if anyone had any first hand opinions on using them.  I used a Madela plug in for my last child, but didn’t pump as often due to not have the time to sit and be tethered to the pump. Thank you for any input.

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  • ChrislipChrislip member
    I have the Elvie pump which works well but the suction only goes up to 220mmHg which is not hospital grade. Otherwise, I recommend it.
  • Bumping this thread because I've been researching the same thing. Has anyone used the BabyBuddha portable pump? It's highly reviewed but battery powered makes me wonder how powerful it could be. 
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  • Hi! Any update?

    I’ve just ordered a cheaper end wearable called the Momcozy M1 pump. How has pump wearing worked out for you guys so far?
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