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Being induced

I'm told I'm going to be induced a week early as I have gestational diabetes. So I guess my question is what is it like does it hurt how long after did you have baby ?? 

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    Uhhhh…unfortunately nobody’s experience will affect your own. But be prepared for it to take a while. Or it might not. It depends on your own body, and how the baby is positioned. And if it’s your first. I was induced at 39+5 and my son was born at 40 weeks exactly. So it took almost 2 full days. But I was 0 cm dilated and he was far up when we started. My body was not ready. It was very complicated. It was also extremely painful due to the medication they give you. I ended up with an epidural 38 hours in because I was so exhausted not being able to sleep. My son was stuck and needed assistance either a C-section or forceps to be born. I chose forceps after pushing for 4+ hours. It was awful. I hope you have better luck! 
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    Unfortunately no one can give you specific answers to your question. Your body will be at it’s own readiness to labor, you have your own pain tolerance. You can ask your doctor these questions. You can ask why specifically they want to induce and if it’s a blanket decision for GD patients. My doc wasn’t going to let me go past 41 weeks, but my GD was diet controlled and baby and placenta looked good on scans. You can ask how they intend to induce you, how long each step takes and what your pain relief options are for each step of the way.

    I’d encourage you to have this conversation with your doctor and nurses before and during your induction. Good luck!
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    I was induced with my first at 41 weeks and quickly kicked into labor and didn’t need all the medicines and tools typically used to induce. I have a friend who was induced at the same time and it took her 3 days. I ended in an emergency c section after 24 hours but she didn’t and ended up having baby as planned. 

    I think everyone’s is super unique and different. I totally understand wanting to know more about it, but I agree with @meggyme to ask your healthcare team about their expectations and pain relief options. 

    You got this!
  • Every body experiences this process differently, so take anyone’s story with that in mind. 

    I was induced at 41w6d with my first back in 2018. I labored on Pitocin from Monday at about noon to Wednesday night with no progress… I ended up having a c section Wednesday night. I never showed any signs of labor before being induced and my cervix never dilated. Once a nurse said I was at 1cm but the OB came in to check me later and said it was softening but not dilating. 

    This is a genetic thing. My mom and aunt both needed c sections with their kids because they didn’t go into labor or dilate either, so that’s probably not going to be your case. 

    I have a c section scheduled this time and I’m really excited to not go through labor again. 

    Hopefully your induction will go smoothly and labor will go quickly! Good luck!!!
  • jenro336jenro336 member
    There are a lot of methods of induction, and one week early is not much (not even considered premature, yay!) You may already be kicking into labor at that point!
    I was induced at 34 weeks (severe and sudden preeclampsia) with my first and literally had every method under the sun. It took me three days.

    My suggestion is if you’re even considering an epidermal, get it as early as you can. Induction can be stressful and quite painful, so there is no glory in waiting and wearing yourself out. Also, do your best to go with the flow. Birth plans rarely come to fruition, doctors are just managers of chaos. Try to remember in the scheme of things, 1-3 days is nothing - you can do this!
  • I was induced with my daughter 4 years ago. It was a long process for me. I was in the hospital an entire week. I wanted the most natural induction I could get, but if you go in and say you're ready they'd probably break your water or start petocin. Just know, petocin is a synthetic oxytocin that naturally ramps up labor. This will make your contractions come on very fast and I've heard bc its not a slow progression they feel more painful. 

    I had petocin for literally 2 minutes and they took me off bc my baby decelled (heart rate dropped). Then I got up to pee( you can't move around when hooked up to meds) and my water broke and went into labor. I have such bad contractions. They were one on top of the other with a break. I doubt this was from the meds bc I only had them for 2 min. 

    Either way, be vocal with what you want. If you're worried about pain ask for an epidural once you get there or once they say they're going to give you meds. Also know the epidural can wear off of you get it too soon, so I'd wait till you start to have some contractions that are tough.
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