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3rd Trimester

Sooo Tired and a brand new pain..

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I've seen in movies the woman in her last months of pregnancy complain the "get this out of me!!" 

I've reached that point now. Nearly 35 weeks and I haven't had a full nights sleep as I wake up to let my heartburn/indigestion calm down, sometimes and more often, vomit, as foam and then sometimes more. 
I sit up for around 2 hours in the early hours popping more Tums and thinking of how to sleep comfortably. 
When I prop myself sitting as had been recommended, I find the positions get uncomfortable and still can't sleep. 
I sit awake and watch t.v. until I feel like I can hold things down and attempt sleep once more. 

I try home remedies too: water and baking soda, pickle juice, etc. Eating earlier, eating recommended foods. Which baby still has pushed up into my chest as I try to lay down and sleep. 

Then my shoulders began to hurt, a dull pain, and wasn't going away. When I googled that, it turns out that too is normal in late stage pregnancy. 
It goes well with the pelvic girdle pain I think. 
Why have just one pain? There's weeks left!! 

How have these weeks been for you? 
Any new pains or new experiences to make you wish this could end sooner? (even though ultimately "get this out of me!!" is the joke) 

As a side note: I originally wanted to give birth to this baby and near immediately get pregnant again (I'm 38 so the pressure of age and this being my first). 
I have changed my mind. Now I don't think I could sign up for this all over again. 
Have any of your pregnancy symptoms changed your mind on another possible pregnancy? 

Re: Sooo Tired and a brand new pain..

  • This is my second child, I had my daughter in Oct 2020, and I'm 37 yrs old. I am DONE having children. I'm 36+2 and I'm right there with you with the pelvic discomfort and heartburn/indigestion waking me up at night. I sleep on an incline with three pillows, then have a Boppy side-sleeper pillow for my hips, and a wedge pillow between my knees. It's the best I can do, I guess. 

    My daughter arrived at 39+2, so I'm thinking this baby will be early, too. I measured at 2cm dilated and 20% effaced at my OB visit yesterday. I'm hoping to keep him in until at least next Friday night since I have a hair appointment that morning lol.
    Me: 37 / DH: 41
    Due with baby #2: Feb 2022

  • TLDR; but your last question, yes. My labor was difficult with my first until I got an epidural and I did not want anymore kids after that. A year and a half later we started ttc again. My second pregnancy was difficult and I was in so much pain at the end that I didn’t want to do it again. That labor was much worse than my first and there was no way I was doing that again but alas here we are- pregnant with #3 by my own begging and accord. The mind has a really great mechanism that helps you forget the bad. And even if you remember it, over a little time, it doesn’t seem as bad as when you were going through it. 
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  • For your indigestion and acid reflux, try a ta glass of whole milk before bed. It has worked wonders for me because it costs your stomach. Even something as simple as a drink of water was giving me issues. Good luck. 
  • I am right there with you. I can't ever get comfortable, my hips hurt so I'm constantly flopping from side to side despite the pregnancy pillows. 36w2d and I want to cry every time it's time to go to bed. Not to mention that I am on evening shift at work, 1p-1a and don't get home / into bed until 2am and get back up with my toddler at 7. 
    It seems like at this point in pregnancy, you're basically just uncomfortable, miserable, and feel like a bloated whale. I can't even tie my own shoes. I had my first child at 36w exactly, just went into labor for no real reason, so I've actually never even made it this far. My doctor said 2wks ago he didn't think I'd make it another 2 wks and here we are! Next appointment is tomorrow. I'm praying he says baby time. 

    The only thing that helps me with indigestion, heartburn nausea etc is making sure I don't eat anything acidic before bed. I'm talking 3-4hrs before bed... even dinner. If I do, I'm nauseous and throw up all night and also have heartburn 24/7 and have to take Tums and drink milk to even lay flat. 

    So sorry you're uncomfortable, it's awful. I can't wait to have my 2nd baby and be done! 
  • I've been experiencing sharp pain in one of my breasts. Comes and goes. I've read that it's normal? Anyone else experiencing this??
  • 29 weeks 6 days with twins, and I’m so uncomfortable, I am so huge, can’t sleep, always hungry but can’t eat more then a few bites, back hurts, morning sickness is back and just miserable. Can not wait to have these babies. 
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    I saw this and I hadn't updated it: I began this thread Jan. 19th and on Jan. 30th I was induced doing an emergency c-section due to preeclampsia HELLP. 

    I noticed three days before being induced I had a headache that while dull, would not go away despite drinking water, taking tylenol, trying to sleep more. It may have been a symptom of the high blood pressure that I never checked. I brushed it off believing I just needed more sleep, which probably did, but if it was the more serious blood pressure and preeclampsia than I missed it then. 
    I also the night before going to the hospital had a pain in my right side stomach/hip that only felt better when I held my fingers to push it in (picture those that have hernias, it seemed like that). 

    I'm not sure now which pains are "normal" and which should be taken more seriously during late stage pregnancy. I just began the 36th week, and I hope if any mother to be reads this, and the comments, they can see what may be more common and normal, and what should be looked at further. 
    I fought with myself and the doctors I had with "How did we not catch this?!!!" Because I was very angry. Turns out it can be a more sudden onset and while I fit in a couple of the preeclampsia risk factors, I think the doctors should have seen me more often than the once a month we were doing, even up to the 36th week. 

    I get upset writing this because so much probably could have been done and it sucks going to the hospital for one thing, finding out if your baby doesn't come out soon it may die, and your health is at risk too. The "low palettes" portion of HELLP is the baby may not be receiving all the oxygen it needs. 

    Thank you all for commenting and sharing the pains that we've all been experiencing. I hope if any pregnant women read this and it fits more what I was new to experiencing just before the hospital visit, that they take heed if it fits what they're experiencing. 

    Best of luck to everyone!! 
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