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Latent phase

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Hi I’m currently 40+2 and this is my first pregnancy. I had been experiencing lots of BH for several weeks but felt latent phase had begun Wednesday (differing symptoms pain travelling in primarily back and period pains), the contractions are getting worse daily but they start for hours and then stop for many many hours. This is now day 4 of latent phase and I’m just wondering if anyone else has had it going on this long, with intense contractions. Very deflated as they are extremely painful and I’m getting psyched up and then they settle again. Passed mucus gradually over days. No waters breaking. Loose stools today. Any info would be great!

Re: Latent phase

  • I had period like pains for days before I went into active labor.  Hang in there, keep track of the timings between, how long each last, etc.  
  • I had prodromal labor for a month before I gave birth to both babies, late (40+5 and 41+4). You will have this baby soon and you will know when it’s the real deal. Hang in there and just track everything. Make sure you’re getting enough water when you’re feeling the contractions.
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