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Breast pump suggestions

Hi ladies! 

I’m look for best breast pump suggestions. I plan to pump and wanted to know about your “must have” breast pump suggestions! I’m open to a range of budget. Thank you! Can’t wait to see your suggestions. 

Re: Breast pump suggestions

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    I am an exclusive pumper, since my son was in the NICU.  So I have over 1000 hours on my current pump.  I use the Spectra 1 with the battery.  That allows me to charge it and then I am not tethered to the wall.  It isn't a wearable one, so I am stuck in one place pumping.  But I can pump in the car and in different places throughout my house without being near an outlet.  I know my insurance covered the Spectra 2 and I chose to pay $75 for the one with the battery.  The best $75 I have ever spent!  

    I would be curious to try a wearable pump for a future child, but know that if it didn't work out, I would come back to my old favorite.  I just think with multiple children, it might be easier to be more mobile.   

    Good luck finding a pump and on your pumping journey! 

    Edited to add: the Lavie warming massagers are also a lifesaver.  If you are doing a lot of pumping, they are helpful in expressing milk and decreasing clogs.  
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