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Weekly Randoms- w/o 3/14

Re: Weekly Randoms- w/o 3/14

  • My husband is wondering why wall art is suddenly popping up all over the house after we’ve lived here a whole year and I’ve literally never done any interior decorating. Nesting. The answer is nesting. 
  • @taylorharris0522 it's been 2+ years and I still haven't put up the gallery wall I said I wanted 🙈 where's my nesting energy to finish it?? 😂
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  • @taylorharris0522 omg my nesting things are always so random like…reorganize the kitchen cabinets. Find new playroom storage. Rearrange the bookshelves 😂 maybe one day I’ll be inspired to do something actually helpful
  • My DH is very unobservant. I am pretty sure I could paint our bedroom and he wouldn’t notice.
  • @addsprinkles521 Mine is like hyper-observant of some things and blind to others. Luckily, it’s like he doesn’t notice if I haven’t gotten waxed in two months then when I do and I have to be like… “did you notice anything???” But as far as the house goes he sees everything. Like my back has been hurting lately and Monday it was feeling better so I did some laundry and swept/mopped the living room and kitchen. He came in from work and the first thing he said was “aww babe did you mop? That’s awesome!” How sweet is that?
  • I have done like the opposite of nesting!! Moved half the furniture out, taken out all the rugs, window treatments, and there’s literally NOTHING hanging on any of our walls anymore. It’s like a big blank space in here. 
  • Anybody else starting their garden yet?!? I just started my marigolds and tomatoes inside but I’m going to wait another few weeks to plant the outdoor starters. I’ve got sunflowers, delphinium, sweet peas, and a “Made in the Shade” flower mix for around the porch. I love spring!
  • Our snow started melting this week so we normally wait until May, sometimes June to do any planting.
  • @taylorharris0522 we had what looks to be our last frost about a week ago, so we’re getting everything set up now! We do have a few crops that need to go in the ground at a cooler temp, so we’ll probably be starting planting soon
  • kham130kham130 member
    @taylorharris0522 you never know what March in New England can bring so we typically wait until late April to start. 

    Your garden sounds wonderful! So many great flowers.
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