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Today my girlfriend passed a very strange blood clot, she’s been having lower back pain all week now and just started her period a few days ago, it started off as spotting but she has told me that it got heavier this morning, she says it hurts to move (abdomen crunching in on itself, twisting side to side doesn't hurt much) she had diarrhea today and also told me that she hasn't been using a tampon because its been very sensitive, i will upload a picture but keep in mind that its not a fresh clot, we didn’t know what to do with it and just threw it away, so it is more hard than it was, and when it first came out it sort’ve looked like a worm, me and her are both in very critical states right now and really hope she didn’t miscarry. :'(

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    I am sorry but i cannot figure out how to upload images.
  • If she has her period, she did not miscarry.  She is having a period that has clots. 

    If she did not test and get a positive PG test, and other than some 'symptoms' that all sound like regular period symptoms, then do not operate under the assumption that she had a MC.

    Blood clots can be normal, even if she's never had one before.  I had a period once where I could've sworn I was passing a bowling ball out of my uterus, I was in that much pain.  And I definitely was not PG.

    If you/she are concerned, I would call her OB-GYN/doctor.
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