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Low Milk Supply

Does anyone else have low milk supply? What are you doing for feedings? I had to start triple feeding because my baby was losing weight and my milk never really increased so I’m doing a modified version of triple feeding supplementing with bottles of formula and expressed breast milk and have been doing this for about two months or so. I tried an SNS but it was too cumbersome for me.

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  • I tried drinking more water and that did the trick. We need to stay hydrated to produce more milk. Buy gallons of water 😊
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    I also have a low milk supply and have had to triple feed. I’m taking so many supplements + a couple prescriptions, and honestly, nothing has helped too much.
    You’re not alone ♥️
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  • Have you tried power pumping and pumping every 3 hour ? Drinking lots of water ? Oatmeal? Dates? 
  • In the same boat. I pretty much didn't get any help from the hospital staff on breastfeeding or pumping (it was a weekend so they were understaffed & lactation consultant only there on weekdays).

    Pediatrician (who's also an IBLC) advised triple feedings as well but by the time we saw her, baby girl got used to the flow of the bottle. So she's not breastfeeding 😭

    Pumping and breastfeeding are supposed to be the top ways to increase but I'm also still struggling. So I'm trying mother's milk tea, lactation snacks and staying hydrated. 

    It's exhausting. Wishing you all the luck
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