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Increase in HCG after Miscarriage

Hi, I had a miscarriage a little over a week ago. I am still spotting. On 2/15 my HCG was 173.1. Then on 2/17 it was 57.8. I had my miscarriage 2 days later. I had my blood tested again today and my HCG is now 607.6. I am waiting to see my dr in 2 days. Has this happened to anyone, where their numbers increased after miscarriage? It has me worrying something is wrong. Thank you in advance for your support. 

Re: Increase in HCG after Miscarriage

  • ashleyjane1988 I'm sorry for your loss.  It can sometimes take months for the HCG to reach 0, sometimes staying steady at around the same number for weeks.  However, it shouldn't spike like that.  It could mean that you didn't completely miscarry, and you may need a D&E/D&C to ensure removal of all tissue from your uterus. It could also just be possibly an off test or mistake made by a lab tech or someone who was writing down the numbers.  It's high, but not alarmingly so (usually with ectopic issues it skyrockets to the thousands, and people report bad pain).  I'd try to remain calm and wait to see your doctor in a few days.  Unless you start having large amounts of bleeding or severe pain/cramping, and then I'd make sure you called your doctor immediately!
  • Thank you for your reply. Definately made me feel better and not so alone. Dr. had me go in today. She could not see anything at all in my uterus or tubes. She thinks it is an ectopic pregnancy but doesn't see anything. Doing more bloodwork in the am. Most likely will do D&C tomorrow or Friday. So stressful :(
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  • @ashleyjane1988 Sorry for all the stress you're going through.  Hopefully the next number should give you more information.  If it's a lot higher, then ectopic is possible/likely.  If it's back to where it was, then may be have been a mistake.  So that should give you a LOT more information.  Good luck and I hope you get your answers and some peace soon!
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