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6wk Loss, still bleeding 1.5 month later

Anyone else still bleed a whole month or more after a first trimester loss? Stopped growing at 6 weeks, started bleeding at 10 weeks. D&c sept 14th, have been bleeding with light flow, anywhere from rusty bright red all the way to yucky chunky dark brown, cramping, libido has been either through the roof or in the dumps fluctuating. I just want to move on and know that I’m ovulating and having period instead of whatever this is. Anyone have any advice? I have talked to md numerous times, had neg hcg after so supposedly there’s no retained products. I want to know if other women experience this and go on to have at least somewhat of a normal cycle or is this possibly a problem? Thanks

Re: 6wk Loss, still bleeding 1.5 month later

  • @lotsaknots Sorry for your loss.  I had a MC where I bled for about 6 weeks afterwards, and all of mine were early losses.  I bled for like 3-4 weeks, it stopped for several days, and then I bled another almost 2 weeks.  It was stressful.  

    The only normal after a MC is that there is no normal.  Your cycles could go back to be exactly what they were, or they could even out to a 'new normal.'  It can take 6-12 months for them to regulate out to a new normal though.  You could have symptoms you've never had before, and be lacking symptoms you've always had.  I highly recommend basal body temping, so that you can attempt to figure out what your body may be doing and to know when/if you're ovulating.  It makes it way less stressful to know post-MC if you should even be attempting to have AF or if you ovulated yet or what.
  • @stormageddon-darklordofall thank you for the honest advice. I feel like people with liabilities or fewer experiences don’t always tell you how it really could be, so I’m glad I came here. Was your 6 week bleed with a D&C? I guess I get scared at that small chance I could develop scarring from the procedure.
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  • @lotsaknots I did not have a lot of bleeding with my D&C.  The 6 week bleed was after a natural MC.  If you think the bleed is starting to be long or excessive, you could always call your doctor.  Did you have a 2 week follow-up after the D&C?
    Also, it depends on if the bleeding is continue to be very heavy and clotty and cramping, or if it's more spotting or light flow.
  • I did not bleed that long with my first d&c, at my 2 week check up, I was still bleeding.  My doctor said to come back of I was still bleeding a week later.   I had a d&c a few years later and had some rare complications from the loss and started bleeding heavy a week after. 

    While it can be perfectly fine to still be bleeding, it is best to call your doctor.  
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