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October Symptoms

New month, new symptoms? Yes and probably some old symptoms still hanging around! 

I'm still in heartburn central these days with the new addition of INSOMNIA! 

How is everyone else feeling?

Re: October Symptoms

  • Difficult sleeping because of so much movement from the baby. I also have issues with cramping in my legs - like, I'll stretch out my legs, even a little bit, and then I'll start cramping. 
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  • @Lisa3379 I thought I had avoided leg cramping issues but I think I'm showing some signs of it. I try to stretch it out immediately and drinks tons of water. I wonder if prenatal massage would be helpful? 
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  • Leg cramping is a big one...I think I am starting to get Braxton Hicks, where my belly feels extremely tight but then subsides after a few minutes. 

    Also TMI - but my nipples are SO cracked and dry. Like ouch.
  • I’m with you @lilyfox in heartburn land. I finally switched a few days ago from tums as needed (and way over recommended amount) to daily med and it has been life changing thus far!! I took Zantac in the final month with my first pregnancy, but my doctor said there have been some new findings and she recommend Prilosec instead, which the internet has me questioning. Anyone else taking a daily reflux/heartburn med? What are you taking?

    Otherwise I was dealing with depression in the past month or so, but I feel like I’m finally coming out of it. Hoping for some of that fabled “2nd trimester energy” before 3rd trimester kicks in!! But my allergies have been so awful I basically feel like I have a never ending cold, so that’s fun. Plus I hate with covid times that I’m always explaining to people I swear I’m not sick, the trees and grass just REALLY hate me.

    For those with leg cramps, coconut water has been a HUGE help for me. I generally drink a lot of water, but coconut water seems to work better when I’m cramping a lot.
  • @fifilala516 Oh yeah, I think I'm getting Braxton Hicks too. I don't remember this with my other pregnancies, but how you've described it? Yeah, me too. So uncomfortable. 
  • @Lisa3379 the leg cramps are the worst!  They wake me up and are so painful.  Ive been drinking a ton of water and usually a small Body Armor too which I think are coconut water based.  I drank so many of them when breastfeeding my first because I kept getting dehydrated.

    @fifilala516 TMI as well but my nipples have been so sore since I got pregnant.  I breastfed until I was 10 weeks but had to stop bc it was too painful/I was pretty sure my milk dried up completely.  But they definitely are dry/cracked; I've been putting some of my belly oil on them and it has helped a little. 
  • Calf cramps for me, especially on the morning when I stretch out. 

    Definitely think I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions. I've been having more pain the late afternoons/evenings with my stomach hurting right at my belly button. 

    I get full really fast and unfortunately I only seem to have an appetite for unhealthy foods. I'm trying to be better, but with my stress at work, I just don't have the will-power or desire. I am trying to make sure I'm getting in enough protein each day and fruits. I need to get better at drinking water. I used to be really good, but with not being able to go to the bathroom whenever I want to and wearing a mask all day, I haven't been getting in near enough. I'm sure this only contributes to my leg cramps and sore stomach. 

    I'm starting to have more acid reflux. I had it BAD with my son. Yuck. 
    DS: 3-6-15 💙
    Baby Girl Due: 1-1-22
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  • Anyone ever have experience with an umbilical hernia? I think I may have one. I have tons of pain/pressure/sensitivity around my bellybutton, and it hurts to bend. And while it hasn't popped out completely, there's a teeny tiny bulge on top.
  • Heartburn for sure. Taking way to many tums for sure. Sore nipples. Pubic sympasis dysfunction (PSD) it hurts to walk, take stairs, roll over, put on pants, basically anything that requires my hips to function. Feeling huge and exhausted all the time.  
  • @fifilala516 I haven't had one diagnosed, but I have similar symptoms. My son had an umbilical hernia as an infant though. It never seemed to bother him, just popped out from time to time. 
    DS: 3-6-15 💙
    Baby Girl Due: 1-1-22
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  • Yes, definitely heartburn! Still a good amount of lower back pain- I think it’s the SI joint. I’ve found it hurts more in the morning and when I start doing something but if I keep walking, it eventually gets better. Also I think I have a little umbilical hernia too- mine is starting to protrude out a bit. 
  • firewife_911firewife_911 member
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    Heartburn, “ring of fire” sensation, always hungry, & my hormonal acne is back!🥺 I also am starting to get some low blood pressure which is very weird for me. I also have textbook blood pressure, 120/70. My prenatal appointment on the 5th It was 100/50! very abnormal for me.
  • A new symptom for October for me is the línea nigra. Only under my now outtie bellybutton at the present. And my fibroid is now pushing up against my floating rib and killllls. All the other symptoms are carry over for me, just more exacerbated. Heartburn, pubic symphysis, pelvic girdle pain, fatigue, and more! 
  • nik012nik012 member
    I had terrible heart burn/acid reflux at the beginning of my pregnancy and at 4 months I started taking Pepcid AC (the pill) daily and that has been life changing. Some days I even forget to take it because the symptoms have subsided. 
    Tomorrow I will be 25 weeks and I feel like in the last week my belly has POPPED! I have been feeling some pressure in my belly and get out of breath easy. Anyone else feeling like they have lost their strength? I remember feeling the same way towards the end with my son. 
  • Getting leg cramps at night, trying my hardest to drink enough water. I’m able to get in 8 cups with effort but 10 cups is always hard for me to reach. Been eating crushed ice to help stay hydrated. My energy isn’t amazing but I’m able to make it through the day without a nap. More back pain and sneezing hurts. I feel huge and can’t believe I still have 15 more weeks of growing. 
  • Feet swelling just got added to the list of fun for me. Luckily I found the best shoes for keeping my chubby feet comfy. I highly recommend! https://www.teva.com/shoes/reember/1125472.html
  • Insomnia and NEW starting yesterday, lightheadedness/dizziness. Checked BP and it seems fine, almost feels like vertigo. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Definitely Braxton hicks, and short of breath because baby is starting to take more room. I also have no clue how I still have 14 weeks left. 😬
  • @shinyobjects I'm on Protonix, had GERD before I got pregnant and maternal fetal medicine said it was okay to stay on for my full pregnancy
  • So I have a funny new symptom.  I guess over the last week or so one (yup just one) of my boobs has swollen with milk.  I had breast cancer in my left boob and doctors told me at the time I should still be able to nurse.  But turns out the treatment probably killed the milk production.   So my right boob is more than double the size of my left boob! It’s even noticeable in normal clothes.  Guess a boob job may be in my future after baby is done nursing 🤣
  • Anyone else have to pee ALL THE TIME and feel like their bladder is never full? 
  • @fifilala516 yep! sometimes I’ll pee and feel like I have to pee almost immediately

    My boobs have gotten so big and heavy and uncomfortable. With DS this didn’t happen until the very end. None of my bras are comfortable and the extra weight makes it hurt a little when I sneeze/cough. Anyone have a super comfortable bra that they love? 
  • Anyone else have to pee ALL THE TIME and feel like their bladder is never full? 
    I meant to say “bladder never feels empty”  🤦🏻‍♀️ 
  • @fifilala516 yes! 

    And often I don't have to go until I HAVE to go. 1 moment I'm just fine, the next I'm about to pee my pants. 
    DS: 3-6-15 💙
    Baby Girl Due: 1-1-22
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  • I was feeling pretty OK (aside from heartburn) until I hit 27 weeks... now I am EXHAUSTED. I cannot seem to sleep enough. The gagging has returned. I haven't vomited yet, but it sure feel like I need to. Everything I eat gives me heartburn. Plus I'm dealing with constipation and hemorrhoids. 😩😩😩😩

    Just needed to vent. Blah.
  • @magalina_h omg YES! Like it comes out of nowhere! WTH?!

    @elksamm Evelyn & Bobbie beyond bra is great. I have big boobs anyway, and got this before getting pregnant. I like an underwire if I’m out and about, but the beyond is supportive enough that I don’t feel embarrassed. My favorite underwire one is a prima Donna, but it’s super expensive (oh the joys of being a 38H). I have some motherhood maternity nursing ones (forever seamless) from my last pregnancy that are fine for lounging around the house and help contain the madness. 

    @lilyfox aww vent away! Sending love. Making people is HARD!
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