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Baby shower ideas? Virtual?

Hello everyone!
Does anyone have an ideas on baby showers and the idea of doing one virtually? If so, what ideas do you have or what have you done for people who are too far away to come or for people who cannot come because covid. Thanks!

Re: Baby shower ideas? Virtual?

  • meggymemeggyme member
    For a friend I hosted a drive by baby shower and then had the parents open gifts (and send their thanks) on Facebook live.
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  • My sister threw us a virtual shower.  She invited about twenty people, so everyone could be seen on one screen.  She came up with three quizzes to do (random baby trivia, space trivia for our space themed nursery, and Price is Right baby items).  People called in on one screen and then used a second screen to complete the quiz.  Our family is pretty competitive, so it was a lot of fun.  She also did a book drive instead of more traditional gifts.  She sent them all to my house and my husband divided them up into three piles.  He put the three different piles into large boxes and I opened those.  Everyone had a bingo card with the book titles, so they could play along as I unwrapped them.  I would open a box, then we would do a quiz, and back to the next box.  It was about an hour long which was perfect.  She also sent some decorations for our house and the houses of people who were attending.  

    We didn't receive as many traditional gifts, but also our guests didn't have to sit for a couple hours while I opened presents.  That might have been really boring to watch on the screen.  We enjoyed getting the presents in the mail and opening them as soon as we got them.  It extended the celebration which was nice, since we had to be quarantined my whole pregnancy.  

    Best of luck with your plans!  
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  • Just because it's virtual doesn't mean you can't have a traditional baby shower with all the trimmings. During a virtual baby shower, you can send out paper or electronic invitations, register for gifts online, and even play a few conventional baby shower activities.
    I'm also suggesting some game's ideas during a traditional virtual baby shower
    1. Place Your Bets- Have everyone write down their guesses about the baby (eye color, hair color, height, weight, birth date, and time). When the baby arrives, announce the winners with a virtual Sip
    Pop Quiz- play trivia with a list of questions about the parent or parents-to-be.
    3. Tour The Crib-  If your group isn’t the “game” type, skip the coed baby shower games and have mom or dad give a virtual nursery tour instead.

    PS: I'm also seeking other baby shower ideas because I need to offer one to a buddy.
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