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3rd Trimester

Help! Is this normal?

I’m 36 weeks and 5 days with a little boy. With our first son, I was induced so I never actually went through labor naturally and he didn’t move much in the last month. My baby now is moving a lot. In fact he’s been moving all day nonstop and it’s starting to hurt my muscles and body because of the movements. Is this normal? Does it mean labor is soon? 

Re: Help! Is this normal?

  • Not necessarily, and hopefully not at 36 weeks.
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  • Movement is good.  3rd trimester is the most uncomfortable, esp the last 3 weeks or so.  
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  • I remember the last two weeks of my last pregnancy I was almost begging the kid to break the water and come out already, he was so big and so active! He was only 2 days early, though. Hang in there. I've never heard of increased movement as a sign of labor, but I understand your discomfort. 
  • My first was active but my second was wild. He was heads up until he flipped at 36 weeks. That was super uncomfortable. I hoped he would slow down a little but he still hasn’t at 3yo. 
  • My baby at 39.5 weeks will move so much he almost makes me sore in some spots where he’s stretching out! 
  • I'm 38 weeks and 4 days and mine is so restless.  Baby boy's movement pokes my skin in the most uncomfortable way ever. It's so painful!
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