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Is it short cervix?

Hi i have had 4 miscarriages and 2 kids. My miscarriages were first trimester loss. Now 15 weeks pregnant with Gods grace. Few days back had heavy mucous almost like mucous plug type accompanied with back ache (backache has been my normal symptom in with my kids as well) so I went to my Ultrasound report and noticed my cervical length was only 3cm at 13 weeks so I checked my previous one at 9 weeks which read as 3.6cm, so this very quick shortening has completely thrown me on a Rollercoaster ride and every ache and pain gives me care considering I am a person with multiple miscarriages. Dr saw the report and did not seem concerned or worried. Please help me ease with positive vibes and experiences. Is 3cm at 13 weeks normal? Or short? 

Re: Is it short cervix?

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  • meg4goodmeg4good member
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    I was told that at least 4cm was preferred. And special eye kept on those with shorter cervix less than 4. My guess might if it gets too short, they may put u on meds and bed rest. Try not to scare urself!
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