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Randoms 10/5

This reminds me of a former student who would ask me this every day. Cool kid. Sigh. I miss my job. 
Anyway... what's poppin'?

I thankfully got both kids back to school today after their weird 24 hr stomach bug, but the day back to school always gives me apprehension, like I'm going to get a call from them at any minute, telling me to get them because they got sick. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I had zero energy yesterday because of my own issues, and now today I'm playing catchup with my chores. 

And we're getting close to 3rd trimester, everybody!! What do we need to talk about? Do we want to start a birth plan thread? What to pack in the hospital bag thread? Have we forgotten an important product spotlight category? 

Re: Randoms 10/5

  • All 3 of my little ones are at different stages of the RSV virus. It's exhausting tryimg to keep up with which kid gets which med and at what time. The oldest is well enough to go to school now. But I'm still paranoid that I will get the call to come pick him up. His birthday was Monday ans3 we had to postpone his party til next weekend so no otjer3 kids get sick. He waa disappointed but understood. 

    I have thought about starting a birthplan thread. Becuase I'm in the air on wether ot not to use an epidural this time. I think a STM + to FTM advice/ question board would be nice. Also like the idea of a what to pack thread.  
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  • Can’t believe we’re almost in 3rd tri! I’m the end of Jan so a little further away for me (24 weeks). Hospital bags are always fun to talk about, I haven’t started yet. I have really only bought some of the big items: car seat, stroller, crib, dresser, and glider but none of them have arrived yet. When is everyone planning on finishing their registry?
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  • @AshleyGemini24 Sorry to hear about RSV going through your kiddos. Super exhausting. And feel free to start any thread you want to! I think all three of those threads would be super useful :) I also considered starting a general advice/question thread. But yeah, if you want, start 'em up! 

    @elksamm That's great you got the big things picked out! I've been seriously lagging on finishing my registry, only because I don't think I have that much to add to it. I also have just been in a fog during this pregnancy... I think I have most of the stuff I need, but I haven't really put too much thought into it. Haven't moved the toddler out of the nursery yet to start setting up the baby's room; I think once I get that done, maybe I'll get into that mental mode? 
  • I like all these thread ideas too- I am in my last week of the second trimester.. I feel like it’s going so fast and it’s getting real! I just started thinking a little bit about birth plans but I really have no idea about preferences yet.. We still need to get a couple big items (stroller, car seat) which we are kind of waiting on until after our shower in a couple weeks but I’ll start one of these threads soon! 
  • Is there a registry thread? I mean my baby shower is Oct. 30th so It might be a little late for me, but maybe not for some other people! I definitely think we need a “what to pack” thread for the hospital. Also, maternity leave/FMLA for our working moms? I have a lot to talk about there. Maybe i’ll start that one!
  • We either already have or purchased the big ticket items - the crib is still in its box in the baby's room, though. It's getting super real! I just filled out the pre-admission paperwork for the hospital. 
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