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Morning Sickness

So Morning sickness just started. Im 7weeks along. I really thought I was gonna be able to avoid it this time around. Any tips will be appreciated


Re: Morning Sickness

  • It sounds weird but smelling a lemon calmed my queasy belly  
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  • Lisa3379Lisa3379 member
    Have you tried ginger? Ginger candies helped me last time around, and I just bought some today in the hopes it works again. 
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  • Has it been like a very intense nausea for everyone?  I have been retching cause it feels like someone is actually squeezing my stomach.  

    This is my first pregnancy so I am not sure if that is normal or not.
  • I read ginger helps. I just bought some ginger ale, I drank one today and I am much less nauseous that previous days. I read that ginger helps in all forms.
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  • Ginger snaps, gingerale, ginger tea, lemon drop candies, peppermint candies, smelling peppermint lotion before getting up in the morning. Get up slow, eat something right away, small frequent meals and stick with plain foods
  • If, due to nausea and vomiting, you are becoming regularly dehydrated, are losing weight, or are unable to function at an acceptable level on a regular basis, make sure to talk to your care provider sooner rather than later. They can provide you a safe list of OTC medications or prescriptions if you need them.
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