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Husband no help

Its our 2nd son, he wasn't helpful with the first -at all- thought this one would be different but its not. Is it normal for men to not really hold the baby? Not change diapers or bathe? The frustration I feel is really overbearing 

Re: Husband no help

  • I hear ya! My partner tries his best to help out but often feels discouraged and helpless when it comes to soothing our baby. I am breastfeeding so he can't do much to help in that department. He tries his best to change diapers but i often find myself hovering to ensure that he does it correctly (clean, with cream, not too tight or loose). I've handled all of the baths so far, too. You're not alone, It does get frustrating to feel like you're doing everything by yourself. 
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  • My husband is lazy too. He only think about this work. I have to take care of my baby all the time. He will only hold the baby when she is happy and awake and wants to play. He will not come in the room during diaper change or anything. 
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