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Jerking movements keeping baby awake.

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Please help.  The movements are small twitch like movements in the hands or feet or neck followed by a body jerk.  This only happens during sleep. Everything I have ready says myoclonic twitches don’t affect sleep.  My baby is 2 months and jerks when he is in light sleep. He doesn’t seem to reach deep sleep at night just repeating the trying to fall asleep and then waking himself back up when the twitch/jerking movements happen. It’s horrible to watch him try to get back to sleep and not be able to. I try to hold him to get him past the light sleep into deep sleep but I am so tired at that point it’s not safe... pediatrician said nothing to worry about but I don’t think she realizes if he slept for one hour at night the whole time he was trying to fall asleep and jerking awake. His naps are only 20 minutes because I hold him until he is in deep sleep and then I put him in his bassinet and like clockwork he is back awake in 20 minutes. 

Re: Jerking movements keeping baby awake.

  • You have to swaddle newborns to keep them from having those twitches. They have an under development nervous system  and the twitching does keep them from falling into deep sleep..I suggest the dreamland weight blanket it will work wonders not just for your newborn but you will finally be able to get some sleep in as well.

    Your baby might not like being swaddled at first but I suggest feeding them to soothe then swaddle then feed again and then put to bed 
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