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Tell Me Something Good!

I thought this might be a fun thing to start. Background - my favorite out-of-work DJ used to do this segment every Friday where people would call in and tell him something good. Big or small, it didn't matter. I loved starting my weekend of with a bunch of positivity. 

So c'mon and tell me something good, yeahhhhh! (You can tag me in the Randoms thread and tell me to shove it if you don't like this idea, but only positivity here. 😂)


Re: Tell Me Something Good!

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  • @noprobalo that sounds like a blast! Have fun.

    @madiirosee that's so sweet. Baby girl already has him wrapped around her little finger. 
  • @kandb4 Wow, great job! Sounds like it would be brutal, but you got it handled.
  • @kandb4 WOW I am seriously impressed 👏👏👏

    We went camping and managed to have a ton of fun despite the rain! 
  • kandb4kandb4 member
    Thanks!! Despite my best efforts, my ankles still became swollen tree trunks 😅 only downside but to be expected.

    @vampirina so glad that camping went well! Do you tent camp?!
  • @kandb4 we have a travel trailer. So a little more comfy. 
  • My sons track meet got moved to a later time which is awesome because now I don’t have to worry about him or have my toddlers in the heat. Little things.
  • @k_rn21 Aw, poor thing. Good luck.
  • @mac-n-cheesy!!!! That is seriously some good news! I've been thinking about you this pregnancy because I know its been SO ROUGH on you and it's just so awesome to hear you have a change for the better!
  • Picked up the legs attachment for our bassinet today, and finally worked out a solution with our retailer regarding our Nuna car seat. I cannot believe the most stressful part of this pregnancy has been the car seat 😐🙄
  • @mac-n-cheesy Woohoo, great job! That is excellent news! If at all possible, I recommend getting the leave offer in writing.
  • @mac-n-cheesy so glad some things are looking up for you. 💗💗💗
  • @mac-n-cheesy that is such wonderful news to read, congrats on the job and yay on the house!!
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