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Weekly Randoms w/o 6.21

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  • Amazon has Prime Day deals on some Frida Mom and Frida Baby products, as well as most of their own Mama Bear line of diapers/wipes/pacifiers/formula. A pack of 196 Mama Bear Gentle Touch size 1 diapers is $20.99. I also got deals on some dual-zip footed sleepers from Carter's.
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  • @noprobalo, thanks for the heads up! 

    On similar note, Target has a lot of deals right now (to compete with Amazon Prime days, haha). Cribs (and maybe other nursery furniture) is 15% off through Tuesday if anyone is in the market. I think I'm going to nab ours now!
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  • There are a ton a places that are having sales. My email is blowing up with stores that are having 2 day sales

    I swear my husband is having pregnancy symptoms. He's having a hard time sleeping, he's getting cranky, and he's starting to gain weight. I think I'm doing better emotionally than he is 😂
  • kandb4kandb4 member
    It was raining today, so I snagged my rain jacket and realized that it can no longer zip up 🤯🤯🤯 it fit 2 weeks ago. 
  • @kandb4 Mine was pushing it a month ago. Haven't tried since, but it's probably umbrellas from here on out for me. I'm hoping I can lose some baby weight before it starts to be coat weather in the fall so I don't have to buy any new ones. One advantage of a summer pregnancy, I guess.
  • @kandb4 but what rain jacket?! I desperately need one but don't know what to get. 
  • GUYS...the March 2022 BMB is up, I love seeing other BMB's go up!!
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  • Isn't March still like a year away??? Where is this year going??

  • kandb4kandb4 member
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    @vampirina I needed one that day, so I went to target and found one in the clearance section for half off!! I bought an XXL (normally a med) so I'd be able to hopefully use it the rest of pregnancy. Not exactly my style but a nice snag for last minute. It's like black camo with gold flecks all over. It's super comfy though and that's all I care about at this point 😂


    Edited to add: I also tried on some men's Columbia jackets at Dick's sporting goods. Fit well but didn't want to spend $$$$ on a short term jacket (and my hubs already has a nice rain jacket so he wouldn't need that one either)
  • @gingermama46 Holy sh!t! It’s going so fast! Honestly, it’s so crazy to think it 4 months or less, we will be welcoming our first babies to the October 2021 BMB!
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  • vampirinavampirina member
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    @madiirosee @chindimples04 I'm legit freaking out! I'm so over being a human easy bake oven but also 100% NOT ready for baby to get here! I can't believe it'll be 16-18 weeks (or less) for me! Remember when reaching 16 weeks in pregnancy seemed impossibly far away?
  • k_rn21k_rn21 member
    I feel like it’s gone fast once the second trimester hit and now I feel like I need to get moving on so many things! I’m super excited though and honestly given my discomfort level I am ready for the next few months to fly by. Lol. 
  • @pizzaplz Ayyy! Nice. Only one store near me has those. The problem I see is that it's not close to the cart return. So you save some distance getting to the door, but you still have to take the cart to the corral.
  • @cait32 Heya! That sounds miserable. But I'm sure you're pleased to see the program kick off! Sounds like you gave yourself a project for your vacation, too. 😉 New house sounds lovely, though. I'd kill for waterfront or a pool right now.
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