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Ten things Tuesday 6/22

Late to the game but I love TTT!

Re: Ten things Tuesday 6/22

  • 1. I felt very overwhelmed trying to contribute to this group. 
    2. I’m going to make a more conscious effort to being active in here.
    3. I still haven’t told anyone at work that I’m pregnant.
    4. I have major anxiety about that.
    5. I can’t stop eating Nathan’s Kosher Dill Pickles
    6. I have successfully started reading again in an effort to reduce my screen time. Send book suggestions!
    7. I just now, as I was typing #6, felt the baby move for the first time!
    8. I am team green.
    9. Friends and family know, but we aren’t announcing on socials until after the birth.
    10. I am frustrated with the housing market.

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  • bkjadebkjade member
    edited June 23
    #3 same. I have to figure out what/when to do it.
    #6 what kind of books do you like?
    #7 !!!  <3 !!!
    #9 same. no announcement for us either.
  • @threes_companypu What kind of books do you like? I read a ton, so I have lots of recommendations. I just finished People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry and it was easily 5 stars. So so good. 

    1. Sometimes I can't figure out if I feel sick because I need to eat or because I ate too much
    2. DD is obsessed with going to our neighbor's house, which is awesome but not at 7 in the morning when they're still sleeping and I have to tell her no
    3. We have a contractor coming today to talk about building a guest house for my mom to potentially live in
    4. DH and I have been trying to get a PS5, but they're so hard to find
    5. I'm really tired today
    6. My 5 year old niece is spending the night Friday and she can be a little wild so I'm nervous about it
    7. DH will be out of town this weekend so I ordered a new toy for me lol
    8. It's ironic, because I don't want sex at all or for anybody to touch me
    9. I have to pee all the time but I never want to get up and do it 
    10. I'm already thinking about how I'll be up with the new babe during Hallmark Christmas movie season, which makes me happy
  • bkjadebkjade member
    @melbel0824 - lol same on #1. 
  • @threes_companypu what kind of books do you like? I like psychological thrillers/mysteries .. just started The Family Upstairs and am getting pretty into it. I'd recommend it if you like that kind of book.

    @bkjade yepppp, two croissants for breakfast here.

    @melbel0824 sex? what's sex? lolol
  • 1. I bought a new washer dryer set the other day and I'm so excited for it. Being and adult is weird.
    2. I've been in NS for 6 days with DH now and we still haven't had sex. With unpacking and just being apart for 2 months it now feels forced. 
    3. I'm worried about the baby a lot because I forget I'm pregnant and like lift something and think about it afterwards... "probably shouldn't have done that"
    4. @bkjade i wake up at 3am every night and can't sleep so same girl.
    5. I made orange loaf yesterday and it was the best thing ever
    6. I need to find my pregnancy pillow since I wake up on my back a lot 
    7. We are allowed exercise outside for 1 hour a day in quarantine but I feel super weird doing so like the neighbour's are watching haha
    8. It's DH birthday on Friday. I'm making him a cake. 
    9. I've been unpacking and letting 2 year old DS watch way too much TV. I'm basically in survival mode because mess gives me anxiety 
    10. I want to watch a romantic comedy and eat popcorn. 

  • mommyb31mommyb31 member
    @threes_companypu don’t feel pressured about this community! We’re always here🤗
    So exciting that you felt your baby for the 1st time! And the housing market is BS! I am so frustrated with it too! 
  • mommyb31mommyb31 member
    1. Going on a girl’s trip next weekend to New Orleans! So excited to eat some good food! Lol
    2. I can’t wait to get my hair braided. I’m so tired of doing my hair myself.
    3. Why I’m I thinking about a 4th child already?! (Preggo with #3)
    4. My sleep pattern is so messed up.
    5. I’m ready for my boys to interact with other kids.
    6. I love my family! They are so supportive with everything.
    7. I’m a little nervous if this baby is a girl. 
    8. Excited that I am experiencing pregnancy with 1 of my friends.
    9. My sex drives goes up and down... it’s so annoying.
    10. I’m hungry but don’t feel like getting up.
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