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November 2021 Moms

GTKY - Cook or Order In?

Would you rather cook or order in?
Me: 29 | DH: 28
Due: 6 Nov 2021
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Re: GTKY - Cook or Order In?

  • Order in. As long as it’s good food haha. I hate the clean up after cooking 

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  • Definitely order in. My dream is to have a personal chef 😆
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  • Definitely order in! I’m way to guilty of being a fast food/takeaway lover. People would be like well we had McDonald’s for dinner yesterday so we can’t have Burger King for lunch today and I’m like…..and? Yes we can 
    Me: 29 | DH: 28
    Due: 6 Nov 2021
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  • mayoduckmayoduck member
    Before having kids, DH and I used to cook together a lot, which was actually a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it! We don't do that so much now that we have a toddler because either DS is commanding one of our attention or DS wants to help (which we like to let him do sometimes but I often don't have the patience for the mess and extra time it takes to let him help). So yeah, all that to say that I'm also #TeamOrderIn
  • I prefer to cook.. if I can be left alone to cook. Which is rarely the case. 
  • chartputchartput member
    order in! as everyone can see from my monday bf, I am the only one who can remotely cook in the house (i'm talking even boxed macaroni and cheese). When i was single I loved to cook, especially when I lived with my sister and we would meal prep for the week together. But having to do it alone, when you are tired, have been working all day and add pregnancy,  I would order in all day. DH doesn't mind either because it means he doesn't have to clean up my cooking mess......the least he can do since he can't cook at all. How this man survived before we got married (which we were both in our 30's btw) is beyond me.
  • slizteesliztee member
    I prefer to cook.. if I can be left alone to cook. Which is rarely the case. 

    But I'm just gonna go with both. I love to cook (when I'm not pregnant), but enjoy takeout/delivery on Friday nights. I also hate the dreaded question: what should we have for dinner tonight? Legit the hardest question of my day.
  • kim1228kim1228 member
    What do I do? Well, I meal plan w freezer meals made in advance (soooo worth the time investment!) 

    What would I like to do? Order in! I am too cheap tho to do it for our family of 5...we are a bit crazy about our budget haha. When the kids are at my in laws though, hubby and I do treat ourselves to some take out! 
  • I love to order in but it is so expensive so we tend to cook alot but the clean up... 😒.  I really enjoy cooking if it is a meal or recipe that I am excited to try or like a new flavor vs the typical chicken/potato/veggie.
  • I love cooking while not pregnant but I'm just so tired and unmotivated these days! The problem wiht ordering in is that we live in a tiny town and the options are basically 0. When we go to bigger cities I go nuts with the ordering lol 
  • Marz1panMarz1pan member
    I love to cook. But at this point I get home so tired that even if we have food and a plan, I still just want to order out. My husband has become a great cook over the years and will always take it on, and still sometimes I'm so tired I don't even want him to cook. haha. Basically the idea of dinner being made in my house is exhausting right now. 
  • It really depends… I enjoy cooking when I have the time. But some days I’m just too worn out to do anything, so ordering in/out is needed. 
  • I like ordering in for convenience, but for the most part, the food I cook myself is better! So I guess I choose cooking,
  • @gingerale87 I can tell you the one thing I missed the most when I moved back to CT while pregnant with DD was the limited amount of foods to choose from.  Anchorage had EVERYTHING, Hawaiin, Thai (BBQ street noodles were my favorite to get), sushi places were awesome and coffee was king.  I worked at the Red Robin by the Dimond mall for a little. 
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