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Gender Guesses

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Here is my 20 week ultrasound picture. What do you think baby’s gender is based off the photo?

Re: Gender Guesses

  • Here is my 20 week ultrasound picture. We decided not to find out the baby’s gender but now I’m kind of wishing I did. What do you think based off the photo?
    If you changed your mind, that’s fine but no one here can give you a solid answer based on that photo. You’d be better off going to a boutique or asking your doctor if they wrote the sex in your chart. But I’d make sure that you decide that as a couple definitively and not because you are feeling any pressure or uncertainty about your decision to be team green. You can’t take it back once you know.
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  • Thank you! I’m perfectly happy knowing guesses and opinions. That’s why I asked. I understand it isn’t a solid answer. 
  • Honestly I LOVED being team green.  If your SO and you have decided to be teem green be sure that they are in support of finding out.  Its one of life's few surprises, and it was the most beautiful moment when the doctor asked my H to announce to me that we had a girl.  Such a beautiful memory we have to cherish.

    Its your choice, but again be sure SO is on board.  I personally would never go to a boutique as they are unregulated and I have heard bad stories of friends of mine.  
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