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Re: Weekly check-in 5/23

  • @rgn12 I wouldn't blame you at all if you switched! One bad experience can ruin trust and the established rapport.  Glad you were able to calm down a bit, but man that all really would upset me.
  • @rgn12 I'm sorry that happened to you! I'd be really upset too and wanting to switch. 
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  • @rgn12 Um, I definitely wouldn’t blame you for switching. You did call. They should’ve checked your chart and seen your Rh factor and had you come in. How frustrating! I’m confused as to why it would be too late for a micrhogam shot.

    I’m sure baby is fine! Still frustrating nonetheless! 

    I’m a fellow rh negative mom.

  • rgn12rgn12 member
    @scaredunprepared thank you. Yes, I am super upset by this. Essentially the ball was dropped every time I spoke with the nurse/triage. I just don’t get how it happened so many times, and the doctor I spoke to seemed surprised that I didn’t get it. 

    @PYLWhammy thank you!

    @eggsbene42 they said because my spotting stopped on Friday it has been too long for the shot. I have no idea, I honestly didn’t know you were supposed to get Rhogam for spotting or miscarriage or I would have pushed hard for that. 

    I’m struggling because I love the doctors but every time I’ve tried to call or message through the patient portal in the last sixth months I always get stuck with triage rather than one of the doctors. And the nurses are the ones that missed this every single time I have called. They literally told me last week I didn’t need to come in unless I needed a pad for the spotting and I know for a fact they saw my account because they made me verify my info and I messaged directly from it.  Same with the MC. It was a wonderful experience with DD, I just don’t understand what has happened recently. 
  • Sorry I have been MIA! We are on vacation in FL and no access to my computer and it’s so hard on mobile! I’ll catch up with updates next week.

    @rgn12- fellow RH negative mom here. I’m so pissed for you. Did they acknowledge their mistake? I also went down the RH neg rabbit whole when my first antibodies screen came back positive (since I had the rhogam shot recently with spotting). I would push for another antibody test and perhaps talk with MFm to give you peace of mind on the true risk. If somehow you had developed antibodies it could be ok, but would need tons of monitoring. It’s a huge oversite on their part!!!
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  • rgn12rgn12 member
    @JamieH2000 thank you! It’s so good to hear from other RH neg moms too. Good idea, I think I will ask for them to check again. Mine was negative for 8 week blood work so I’m hoping at least regarding the MC in Dec it was okay but my recent spotting makes me nervous. And no, they didn’t say directly that they made a mistake but I could tell by the way the doctor was asking me questions and his tone that they messed up. Then I messaged a family member that’s a doctor they verified it was a screw up. When I was in the office I kind of froze and was caught off guard. It took me a minute to process what happened, and the more I thought about it the more upset I got. My next appt is my primary OB, so if I stay I think I will definitely share all of this with them. I would send another message, but I don’t know if it’ll even get to them. I understand sometimes new moms freak out and overreact but this was a genuine careless mistake. Twice! 
  • @rgn12 I am so sorry you're dealing with this and you were dismissed so much by triage.
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  • @rgn12 I'd switch too! I wouldn't trust their "system" in place.  But before you switch, or if you decide not to switch, push hard for antibodies test! Hold them accountable.
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  • rgn12rgn12 member
    @brookert615 thank you! 

    @PrettyPalomino thank you! I have actually been thinking about that after some research. A simple thing for them to do to make sure they didn’t royally screw up. I’m still on the fence about staying/leaving. I think I might reach out and present all this info and see how they respond. Regardless at least I can hopefully get a new antibody test. 

    Ugh! I was so stressed about the spotting and now I feel even worse than before after this encounter. 😫
  • @rgn12 I'm so sorry this is happening!! I'd definitely look into a new OB. Based on the way the office responded, it doesn't sound like they have much remorse for the lack of customer service/empathy. 
  • @rgn12 i am glad you are letting them know how you feel/ what happened.  And the fact you have a back up OB selected just in case is a bonus! Good for you!
  • bkjadebkjade member
    @rgn12 - ugh I’m so sorry that your experience at your doc has been so 💩. I hope they respond and make it up to you with excellent care moving forward or you find a wonderful practice. ❤️
  • rgn12rgn12 member
    Thanks everyone. It really has been so helpful to vent here about this, and I appreciate all the support from each of you so much. ❤️
  • @rgn any update on a response from your OB and a decision on your end? Thinking of you!
  • rgn12rgn12 member
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    @scaredunprepared thanks for asking! I actually just got a message back from them. The doctor was super thorough and explained that my MC was too early to cause problems and that my antibody test was negative so I should be good to go with that part. She said that my spotting during first trimester wasn’t super concerning, but that if I started bleeding in the second trimester I’d definitely need Rhogam. She did acknowledge that there’s no risk really to getting Rhogam, so it is typically often offered with any bleeding. I guess she was just trying to reassure me that any screw up was likely a super low risk. She also said she’d test my antibodies again at our next visit (or sooner) if that would make me feel a little more reassured. I guess I’m pretty content with this response, and I may give them another chance since the actual doctors never made a mistake. They didn’t even get the chance to. However, I definitely don’t trust the judgement of the triage nursing staff and will likely push harder to be seen if anything happens at all moving forward. I had a wonderful experience with my last pregnancy, and I’ve been a patient for 10+ years. I am still upset, but maybe I’ll just stick with it a little bit longer and see how I feel.
  • @rgn12 so glad you got a thorough response and everything was explained to your satisfaction.  If you are comfortable with the doctors, I would do exactly as you said and push to be seen or least talk directly to a doctor if anything concerns you in the future.  
  • @rgn12 - wow. Somebody dropped the ball big time on that. I'm sorry you're not getting the care you should be and deserve to get there. 
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