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Product Spotlight: Baby Monitors

Hi everyone! This week we're spotlighting baby monitors, those magical devices that help us get some rest in a different room from baby. 

What baby monitors do people have? What functionalities of your baby monitors do you use? Just audio-visual or do you also play lullabies or talk to your babies? And in a larger sense, what were your guidelines and recommendations for choosing one? Range? Image quality? The attraction of WiFi-enabled apps on your phone? Connection security? Would or did you choose the same one for a second baby and beyond? Please share!

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Re: Product Spotlight: Baby Monitors

  • We have the Arlo monitoring system. It’s great because I have the baby cameras and all the outside cameras on one app, so I can check on all the things in one place. We’ll most likely be getting another one for baby 3! 
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  • slizteesliztee member
    We just use the Amazon Cloud Cam and a V-tech audio monitor. The monitor is for us to hear Arlo should he wake in the middle of the night. We'll do the same for this baby.
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  • We use a Nest camera. I like that we can pull up the audio/video feed on just about any device. We can also technically talk through the camera... but we did that once and it freaked out my son and he brought it up for days afterwards so we'll never do that again 😅. Having both video + audio has been useful for us because if my son wakes up crying but is still lying down, we know there's a decent chance he'll fall back asleep on his own. If he wakes up crying and is standing up, we know it's only going to escalate until one of us comes into the room. We'll probably get a second one for baby 2. 
  • bumphibumphi member
    Arlo Baby lets you check in on your baby with just a tap of the finger, from anywhere in the world. Motion and audio alerts are sent straight to your smartphone or email to instantly let you know when your baby is moving or crying. Great baby camera with a lot of options. 
  • I just want to throw an UO out here. I’ve had a fancy over $100 baby monitor and a cheapie vetch and they both work the same. There are some extra features with the expensive one, but I rarely used them. 
  • @doodleoodle I agree. We got a basic vtech video monitor. I didn't want one with wifi because I was a super paranoid first time mom and the news kept showing them getting hacked 🤦‍♀️. It was always more than enough for us. 
  • doodleoodledoodleoodle member
    edited May 2021
    @artsiefartsie the random creepy guys talking to babies and toddlers through the monitors had me swear off any type of video monitor. You’re in good company 😂
  • @doodleoodle MH has a degree in cyber security (meaning he's super paranoid/into security) so he wouldn't let us have a baby monitor that connects to wifi. I've never tried them, but I could see how the convenience is nice.
  • @marbellie someone knowledgeable about cyber security also being paranoid makes me feel better 😆
  • I am still using the Infant Optics one I used for my son who is now 5. I have had to get a couple new replacement batteries but that thing is awesome and has a really good range (like quite a ways off the property). It has video but isn't wifi connected so I am pretty sure no one else can get into it. I have also bought a cheap one (I think it is vtech as well) and the cheap one I have is TERRIBLE. The sound is so bad you can't understand words and it has constant static to listen to.
  • @jenniferjoy37 😆 I'd be pretty proud of that too. 

    For those who want a wifi connected one,  I did read that in almost all the cases where they were hacked it was because they didn't change the default password, so as long as you do that you should be good.  Don't let my paranoia deter anyone 😁
  • I have some Motorola one that is connected through wifi. We hardly ever used the monitor and only 1 person can check in on the app which is me.  For now I see if he's awake yet and it tells me the temperature in the room.  I wish the picture quality was better. We did used to talk to him through it to calm him down when I was at work. 
  • rabtaido1214rabtaido1214 member
    edited May 2021
    Anyone have a recommendation for a monitor I can have a camera in my toddler’s room and one in the baby’s room? I’ve googled a bit but not sold any any one in particular. Currently we have the infant optix. Something with a hand held monitor, prefer not to use my phone to watch them.
  • We have a Wyze camera. I’m also paranoid so I turn it off except for at night time usually. It’s a great camera though and only like $30 or something. We also have a cheap vetch that we use for travel/visiting family when baby is little and will need to nap there. 

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