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You can ovulate before HCG 0s???? 😲

So I finished bleeding from my mc around the10th. On the 15th my OB confirmed via cervical exam and us I was all clear and everything looked great! On the 16th I used my first LH strip (or ovulation test strip 🤔 same thing yes?) just to see what happened cause I’d never used them and it was positive. I had a feeling I wouldn’t ovulate that early so I took my last pregnancy test to be sure and it was still positive so I’m thinking the ovulation test was just picking up remaining HCG. On the 20th I used another ovulation strip and again positive. I was out of pregnancy tests but again assuming it was picking up remaining HCG. Yesterday I had egg white like cm. The scary part for me is that it was pink tinged. So I’ve been on that google machine 🤦🏻‍♀️ looking for answers and it looks like many women have (and more commonly that I realized) not only ovulated but become pregnant or started periods prior to HCG going back to 0. The only reason the cm is concerning to me is because it was pink tinged and the only other time I’ve had that is when I had my ectopic. I know time will tell what’s going on with my body but as you all know the unknowns and all that comes with a loss can make it hard to just “chill out and wait and just relax until you can see an OB and get more definitive answers. Any idea what’s going on? Like when should I see an OB? If pregnancy tests are coming back positive from the recent mc how will I know the difference? OB did say I was clear and that HCG should return to normal within a week since I have passed everything and he’s never seen anyone take weeks to go back to 0 but he wasn’t tracking it back down and from what I’m reading the latter is actually the norm. 😲😳🤔🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Re: You can ovulate before HCG 0s???? 😲

  • @griffonmama I know people who've taken MONTHS for their HCG to return to 0.  It depends on how high it was to begin with and how your body deals with the MC.  Sounds like you still have HCG in your system and you should call your doctor and have him order HCG Beta tests to track it back down to 0.  You should ensure your HCG is tracked down to 0 before you even ATTEMPT to PG again.  Your doctor should have benched you until at least after your next AF, if not longer.  THIS is why.  Because if you don't track it down, and you don't temperature chart, you have NO way of knowing if a PG test is positive from your MC HCG that hasn't left your system or a new PG.
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  • Yeah I’ve heard people say to wait but I also checked with my OB, my midwife, the US tech and the ER people and all said I could try again right away.  US said my uterus and everything looks clean and clear and fine and I should be fine to conceive again. Midwife said she things I should be fine too! And OB said he’s never seen any evidence of a reason to wait to try again so I can go ahead and try. Granted at the moment I’m not even “trying” to get pregnant because I have no idea when to even try because I don’t know when I’ll ovulate. Or if I already have or whatever. We’re just doing what we do cause we’re married folk who do that kind of thing 😂😁😬 I was surprised he didn’t want to try ack it back to 0 but he just said I’d be fine. Also I am charting but this is my first month so I have no idea really what I’m looking at and despite taking my temp at the same time every day and before getting up and all that my temp seems high to me compared to other charts I see. So I’m not really sure what’s up 🤷‍♀️
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  • Temp charts can be wonky after MC, and it's really about overall patterns, not a specific one-day temperature.  So sometimes you have to wait until you can go back and "see" the big picture to truly discern it, especially if you've never charted before. (It helps a LOT when you start to know your charts and then can compare them and see what something is off.  So can take a bit to really get into the swing of temping and start to see YOUR specific cycle in charting).

    Well, if all those people said you could start trying again right away, and didn't deign it important enough to track your HCG down to 0 first, then you need to call THEM and follow what THEY say.  We aren't going to be able to help you here. And you may just have to be in limbo for days until you get HCG betas and wait 48 hours for another one to see if the levels are going up or down to determine if it's old HCG or a new PG.  Nothing else you can do at this point... which is why good doctors always say to wait until your first AF for at least 'dating' purposes. I can't TELL you the number of times I have cautioned this OVER and OVER and OVER... and then they're all like "I can't wait" and does it anyway, and then they come back and freak out because they have NO idea what's going on with their body.  JUST like I said would happen.  And here we are.  And I'm like "Why do people ask for advice when they're not going to take it... and then want MORE advice, on something we can't fix or know about because you ignored our first advice."  Sorry but I'm frustrated.  I've had 5 MC and no living children. I've done research. I've had to argue and fight with EVERYONE to attempt to even have a living child, to no avail. I try to help people and give advice through my experience.  I'm having a rough freaking week, and it just rubs me wrong. CALL YOUR DOCTOR!
  • @griffonmama Sorry, I'm just really ANTI-doctor today as I re-live the shit-show that is my TTC/TTCAL life.  Doctor's need to stop treating women and PG as simple things that just magically usually work out.  Ignoring issues and possible TTC/TTCAL issues.  And then when someone has a MC, just 'assuming' it's probably going to be fine and things will 'go back to normal' just because that's what they USUALLY see.  They need to actually RUN the tests, DO the work, and look into this stuff.  Females, and especially females attempting reproduction, are getting some of the worst care.  It's abysmal and doctor's really need get their shyte together.  #PissedOffAndOverIt
  • I’m sorry for your losses and experience. I know it can be incredibly difficult. Having children even doesn’t take away the feelings that stem from a loss. I can see how it would be incredibly frustrating too when you’ve been through this so many times and people ask for help and advice and then don’t take it. I didn’t even know this was a potential issue I would face. As I said earlier I wasn’t really trying to get pregnant this minute although I wasn’t trying not to either. But not because I knew this was an issue or was told there wasn’t any simply because I didn’t know how I would even know when I was ovulating to even know to try. I just kind of was letting my body recover and just going on like normal not realizing this was a thing. And to be honest I didn’t even know you could ovulate with HCG still elevated or that you could have a period without ovulating or any of that. I’m pretty ignorant about the female reproductive system for being a female. My ectopic was so much different and my levels went down really fast but it still took me almost a year to conceive again ! So this is all really confusing for me. 
  • @griffonmama It's astounding how much we don't know about our own bodies!  I read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and it was eye-opening to me.  I really wish they'd have handed us that book (or anything remotely similar to it) in intermediate/high school, instead of having us watch some stupid 5 minute video about how it's OK to get your period and that it's NOT embarrassing, but now you're a "woman".  OK, what kind of pads/tampons would you like to buy?  :angry:

    I'm sorry you're in the situation you're in.  I wish your doctor had actually charted your HCG down to 0 and/or told you to abstain/bench yourself until after your next AF.  Female reproductive doctors really need a collective kick in the behind. Either of those would have stopped you from being in the situation you are currently in.

    But if I were you, I'd call them up, and I'd PUSH (and you will almost guaranteedly HAVE to push) for HCG betas.  And not ONE test.  But one now and one in 48 hours.  See if the numbers are going up or down.  That should tell you what is happening.  Your only other option is to just 'wait it out.'  But I personally wouldn't recommend that because I, 
    A ) like to know what's going on and
    B ) Just in case it would be some sort of 'missed/retained tissue' or other unique type of situation, I'd want to know.
    Good luck!
  • I did call and ask for them to draw my blood tomorrow! They said they won’t approve one for Monday unless my numbers are high enough but I guess we will see how tomorrow goes. It all is pretty stupid which is partly why I prefer to see a midwife anyway who really cares and has always taken the time to look into any issues and fix them but because of the nature of this pregnancy I was seeing an OB. I’m half tempted to just drop him and go to her anyway. Now that the d and c issue is out because I passed everything naturally! 
  • @griffonmama Good for you to advocate for yourself!!!!  I think anything below 5 (or 5 and below?) is considered 'not pregnant.'  So yeah, if the number is something like that, then no need to have a second draw.  But, otherwise, I'd push for a second draw.  If not, ONE number won't tell you anything besides 'PG.'  So you wouldn't know if it's going up/down to know if it's from the previous PG or a new one and/or what is happening/what to expect.  Which is the POINT of getting the draw(s) in the first place.  *sigh*  F-ing female doctors.  

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  • They actually had no problem giving me a second draw and actually already out in for 3 which is nice but obviously if it’s low I won’t worry about it. I’ve had the ectopic a couple pregnancies ago now so since then they have always been good about checking my hcg every couple days to be sure but to my surprise they sort of dropped the ball after this miscarriage and just said you’ll be fine see ya next time. Which is super annoying to have people just not really do their jobs and not knowing it’s an issue but now that I do know I’ll have no problem along sure this is taken care of! Thanks for all the helpful advice! I really do appreciate it! I know it doesn’t make your losses any easier but I’m thankful for the experience and knowledge you’ve gained from these sad and unfortunate trials! 
  • @griffonmama I'm glad you're getting the care you need for this MC finally!  I hope that it goes smoothly and you can navigate the waters with better information going forward.  Glad I could help.  Hopefully your next PG is a success story!
  • Well! I have not gotten my numbers back from my blood draw Friday yet (two days ago) BUT I did another opk today and the line was finally much lighter! So I’m hoping this means the hcg is finally dropping! I’m going to get a cheap dollar store test today too and of course hopefully see what my numbers are tomorrow! 
  • griffonmamagriffonmama member
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    Well I was only 27 on Friday so I think we’re good! That low number along with the line fading substantially since Friday l think is a good indicator we’re pretty much back down and will be at 0 in the next couple days! 
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    Sorry for your loss. I am currently going through a MC and my family doctor, midwife and ER doctor all advised to wait at least 3 period cycles to ensure hCG levels drop off and periods are normal again. Some women have normal periods right after MC and some need a couple months. They all told me it's best to let you body get back to pre-pregnacy for a few cycles to ensure things are working well. (ovulation timing etc) hCG blood work will tell you your true hCG levels. I had one done every 3 days to see my levels were dropping before I started MC. Good luck to you and your future family ❣️
  • Thank you! I am currently waiting for tomorrow to confirm ovulation this cycle! 

    I’m so sorry your going through this. It’s so not an easy thing to go through! 
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