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November 2021 Moms

Weekly Symptoms 5/17

Me: 29 | DH: 28
Due: 6 Nov 2021
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Re: Weekly Symptoms 5/17

  • chartputchartput member
    Ive been having weird pulling sensations and sharp little jabs on either side of my pelvis. I'm only a 12+2, so I think its too early for RLP right? Also my hips and legs have been killing me.
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  • @chartput definitely not too early for RLP. That is exactly what it sounds like to me. Your recent surgery probably makes it all a lot more sensitive too. 
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  • My lower abdomen is so sore, doesn't help that ds pushes off of it, it just hurts. Also hungry but nausea and heartburn is keeping me from eating again 
  • marbelliemarbellie member
    I think I'm starting to feel fluttery movements sometimes! I'm 12+5 but I really think so, I felt it on the early side of the FTM range last pregnancy too
  • My breasts grew a full cup size while I was sleeping last night. It’s the most bizarre thing.
  • @doodleoodle I had to start wearing maternity t-shirts for work because my boobs got to big and with my stomach it just wouldn't fit without being too tight and riding up.  Hello boob sweat. 

    I'm trying to make it through the last 2 hours of work with a headache and semi-blurry vision.  It's been quite the past 2 days for shifts.  
  • @doodleoodle Ugh, yes! My boobs are their own monster during pregnancy, and it is extra annoying because after a previous surgery they barely produce anything once baby is here.  It feels like such a waste to be this uncomfortable for nothing 🤣
  • @artsiefartsie 😂 talk about adding insult to injury! 
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