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I’m new here!! So excited!!

Hey Guys,
My name is Hali, I’m 21 and I love Jesus. My husband and I have been married for 2 years now. We started trying 4 months after getting married I’ve always wanted to be a mom since I was really young. I never had a regular period, and was told at a young age I had pcos. When we where trying I never thought anything of it at the time. After months had past I started to worry why I wasn’t getting pregnant went to my regular OBGYN and she told me it was because of my PCOS. I waited a year and just kept trying naturally. My Doctor started me on clomid June of 2020, she was sure is was going to work, and it didn’t. Skip to January 2021 and she started me on MetForman, stop taking that soon after and started going to a specialist, I heard about through a church friend. We started going there late March. Go some blood work done my AMH levels where really higher. They said it was good. At that time my last period I had was January, so 3 month late. Y’all know I took a bunch of pregnancy test in between because maybe I would be pregnant and I would think I was having symptoms but I wasn’t. That was most mouths since trying, because I have PCOS I don’t have a period on time sometimes it’s 2 weeks late or 3 months late. So I’m always taking a PT just in case but I feel like in the back of my head it alway like your not going to be pregnant your just late again. Anyway back to the Fertility doctor, we had our consultation the end of March started taking my medicine that starts my Period. Started it on April 16th a Saturday then started my Femara on 3rd day of my cycle. Took it up until the 7th day of my cycle. Went to my vaginal ultrasound on day 26th of April, day 10 of my cycle. The results where my Folicals where not mature. I had 12 folicals on my left and 15 on my right or Vice versa. None of them where mature enough. So the next step was to take ovulation tests cycle days 12-16 and if I ovulate take the trigger shot . I didn’t ovulate. So I message the nurse back and let her know. And that was a Monday and she told me to get blood work done and that was on day 19 of my cycle I got a progesterone test done and it came back Sunday it was 2.2 which meant I didn’t ovulate. So she messaged me. So that was yesterday Monday May 10th. What she told me was to start taking Progesterone and I should start my period in 12 days and if not to let them know. Which I’m very hopeful. I ask her what the next step would be and she told me I would probably start another round of Femara, with the Gonal-F shot. I’m really excited about this group, it seems like everyone is getting pregnant around me here where I live. Would love to here yalls stores or how it similar to mine. <3

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  • Kp214Kp214 member
    Welcome. Sorry you are going through this. There are many knowledgeable ladies here. Best of luck. 
    Me:32 DH:36
    Me: DOR, poor egg quality, MTHFR
    DH: MFI
    TTC since 3/2014
    2015: 3 IUI's-BFN
    12/2015: 1st IVF cycle-(9 follicles retrieved, 5 mature, 3 fertilized w/ICSI, transferred 1 excellent and 1 good embryo on day 3)-chemical pregnancy
    3/2016: 2nd IVF cycle- canceled (3 follicles retrieved, 3 mature, all fertilized w/ICSI, 1 fragmented, 2 arrested) 
    3/2016: RE suggested donor eggs- taking an ivf break and to supplement 
    9/2016: 3rd ivf cycle-cancelled due to early ovulation
    Oct./Nov 2016: 4th ivf cycle- EPP-AFC:5, retrieved 10, 10 mature, 8 fertilized with ICSI, 6 blastocysts biopsied and frozen. 3 CCS normal embryos
    1/9/17: transferred 1 embryo-BFP 1/16
    1/18/17: beta #1-104
    1/20/17: beta #2-174
    2/2/17: first u/s, heartbeat of 107 at 6w1d
    7/20/17: baby boy born at 30+3 via emergency c-section 

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  • mbradfo2mbradfo2 member

    In the scheme of things, infertility due to lack of ovulation isn't horrible because hopefully when that is under control (with meds), you'll be able to get pregnant with timed intercourse or IUI rather than having to do IVF! Much cheaper! 

    I was married at 23 (right after undergrad); my husband is a year younger than me. We didn't start trying until I was 29 though. Did 3 years of trying naturally with no luck before going to the fertility specialist...who found NOTHING wrong except low AMH (which can indicate low egg reserve and/or poor egg quality). He recommended ovulation stimulation with IUI before moving on to anything fancier. We did 3 and they were all failures. While waiting to start my first IVF cycle, I found out I was pregnant naturally - but had an early m/c due to chromosomal abnormality (aka crappy embryos). We did finally do our first IVF cycle about 6 months later after I had recovered emotionally as much as possible and were fortunate that our first transfer resulted in our little girl (just turned 3!). I'm 37 going on 38 now and about 11 weeks with another little girl after a second IVF cycle (we only got 2 embryos the first time and transferred both together, so we had to start over from scratch).  

    I think you become hyperaware of pregnant women when you're going through infertility! My little sister also had 2 babies within the time to took for us to get pregnant once (her second little one's EDD was a month before the due date for the pregnancy I lost) so that was an extra knife in the gut in certain respects. 

    Hopefully you'll graduate from this group sooner rather than later! 
    ~~ Our Story in Spoiler! TW loss/child~~
    Fall 2012 -- started TTC
    Summer 2015 - no BFP yet, labs normal, referred to RE
    Fall 2015 - Summer 2016 - Further testing all normal. 3 IUI's -- BFN. Recommended move to IVF. Planned cycle for fall 2016.
    September 2016 - Surprise natural BFP. MMC @ 8 weeks. RE expressed confidence that we just needed the 'right' embryo.
    Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 -- Break from TTC
    June 2017 - Started IVF; egg retrieval for freeze all cycle. 9 mature eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized. 2 4BB embies on ice.
    August 2017 - FET transfer both embies. BFP.  Twin pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound. EDD 4/28/18
    September 2017 - Twin B stopped developing; Twin A doing perfectly! Graduated from RE @ 10 weeks
    March 2018 - Baby Girl born via C/S due to pre-eclampsia -- strong and healthy!

    TTC #2
    January/Feb 2021 - Freeze-all IVF cycle 
    March 2021 - FET of 1 PGS normal female embryo. BFP! Beta #1 156,  #2 472, #3 1241, #4 5268 EDD 12/5/21 - Christmas baby!

    "When all is lost then all is found."

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