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Weekly Check-In w/o 4.19


Re: Weekly Check-In w/o 4.19

  • Estimated Due Date/Weeks + Days: October 12 / 15w + 1d

    Interesting Baby Fact/Baby is the size of: Honestly I dont know. I have 3 different apps and every fruit each uses is a different size so let's go with the size of an avocado bc I love those.


    Upcoming appointments: Prenatal + bloodwork with my midwife tomorrow! Had one with them last week to hear the heartbeat for the first time!

    How are you feeling?: Anxious and exhausted. I am struggling quite a bit with my choice to go through a midwife/birthing center for my care! My mom & MIL both had hospital births (4 for my mom, 2 for MIL) and just expect that I will do the same. It's very tough feeling like I have to be the spokesperson for midwifery lol but it is the best avenue for me so hopefully they'll all shut up and trust me.

    Rants/Raves: See above about everyone trying to tell me I "have" to see an OB for my prenatal, labor & delivery. Also- why is making a registry SO HARD? I just want everyone to get me diapers or money and I will do the rest! 

    Questions: Nada!

    GTKY: 3, 6 & 10. I don't fuck around with anything filled - too messy and not cute. 

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  • @kateshepherd828 seeing midwifes I feel is kind of foreign territory to our parents, I don’t think they were as popular then maybe?? I too am seeing midwifes (I love them), and will birth my daughter at a beautiful, comfortable looking birth center, with the hospital right next door if I need any additional care. You do what feels right to you! For gods sake the baby is coming from YOUR body after all! 
  • @madiirosee yes!!! My birthing center is beautiful and also is right next to a hospital! The hardest part for people to understand is that midwives are trained to read your body's signs and will take you to a hospital if need be with plenty of time to get there! Urgh! 
  • @noprobalo you are so right- I have sent my mom all the literature and statistics that exist and she's still convinced a hospital is the best way to go so that's on her! 
  • cait32cait32 member
    @kateshepherd828 both my births have been midwives and my second resulted in a random emergency transfer. It was handled beautifully and everything turned out fine—good midwives are going to be EXTRA cautious if they think you need to transfer. Even though mine was “emergency” and involved an ambulance ride, it was all very smooth and not even really scary
    DSS: March 2006
    DD: July 2017
    DS: February 2019
    BFP #3 TW ended in CP March 2020
    BFP #4 - TW ended in CP August 2020
    BFP #5 - due October 2021
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