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  • noprobalonoprobalo member
    edited April 23
    I really have no idea what I'm going to do for fun this summer since I can't drink. We live in a region with a pretty heavy concentration of wineries and breweries. And yeah, the venues are still nice, but it's not the same. Most don't serve anything non-alcoholic beyond canned soda, and I can only drink about 3 NA beers anyway before my stomach gets too gurgly. Sigh.

    Edit: Oh, and my usual summer training cycle for an October/November half marathon or marathon is not happening for obvious reasons.
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  • I am so sick of being asked when we're posting about Baby #2 on social media. Not that there is anything wrong with those posts at all, but everyone that we talk to on a frequent basis, plus family have all been told. We didn't post with DS until 20 weeks I think, so may do something similar. But why is it such a big deal or something that seems like a requirement??
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  • vampirinavampirina member
    edited April 23
    @gingermama46 I had friends and family ask because they didn't want to share something on social before I did. Not that they would announce my pregnancy,  but like they didn't want to post a photo of us with our big bellies (I somehow always had many friends who were also expecting) until I announced. I didn't announce with number 2 until we were like 8 months along. 

    But otherwise that's just nosy. 
  • @gingermama46 Go with, maybe at their high school graduation. 😂 Seriously, talk about a problem that will solve itself. Either everyone will find out eventually, or they aren't in your lives enough that they need to know anyway.
  • @noprobalo I feel you on the summer drinking activities. We have season tickets for the local MiLB team. It’s going to be a long summer without beer during baseball games. 
  • @purplegoldpirate That's our other go-to. Hopefully we can get to some games this year, either minor league or major. I know it'll be a much bigger hassle this year than years past, though.
  • @vampirina @noprobalo @purplegoldpirate it's a constant question with my mom and sister. And it drives me nuts. My sister just wants to post for herself. A lot of times when she comes to see us and DS it's to post snapchats of him and she's on her phone most of the time. Annoys the crap out of me.
  • @gingermama46, oh my gosh, that would make me so angry. I'd be likely to institute rules like, "Sure you can come over to play with DS, but you have to leave your phone in your car."
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