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Hi, New here. I’m currently going through a miscarriage (second) and thought joining a message board might help me through it.

My first miscarriage was at the beginning of 2016 (after years of ttc). After this I started going to a fertility clinic and had a healthy baby boy Jan 2019 thanks to IUI. Started trying for baby #2 Jan 2020, but the clinic ended up closing day 1 of my first IUI cycle (COVID-19 😒). When the clinic re-opened it was at limited capacity so last year I was only able to do two IUI cycles. Neither were successful.

I conceived Jan 2021. Not through IUI, but I was taking femera. Doctor gave me a requisition to do blood work to check hcg levels. Blood collection clinic turned me away because it wasn’t an emergency (COVID-19 😒). I was able to go for an early ultrasound at the end of Feb when I was 8 weeks. Fetus measured 7w5d, no heart beat. I was given the three options and chose to wait for it to happen naturally. I was told to call the clinic in two weeks for a follow up appointment. I never got a second appointment, but I was prescribed the medication to start contractions. I changed my mind about the medication and decided to keep waiting for nature to take its course. It’s been two months. No bleeding, no spotting, no cramping. Also, I know infection is a risk and so far no signs of it. Now I’m wondering why nothing has happened yet.

I don’t know if I should start a new post for advice, but i appreciate if you have read this far and would really appreciate if you had any thoughts on the situation. Should I just take the medication and try to get this over with? Should I keep waiting? Should I call the clinic (I don’t want to call the clinic)?

Thanks for reading 💓

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