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  • I went in for my 16w appointment this morning. What was supposed to be a quick, boring appointment had me waiting over an hour to get seen for whatever reason, and then I finally crossed the line of first time of the pregnancy crying in the exam room. Ugh. I tend to cry pretty easily, so I'm surprised it took this long, really. Everything looks good with baby, I'm just emotionally and physically exhausted, and now I'm half a day behind on homeschooling for the week and it's only Monday, so that makes me annoyed.

    Does anyone supplement with Vitamin D? My midwife recommended 2000 IU of it for a mood boost, but I just looked at my prenatal and it already has 2000 IU of D3 in it... so I'm guessing I don't need to take any more?
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    @Aerialmrs my midwife also suggested vitamin D but my prenatal only has 600UI. She suggested minimum 1000 UI per day. 
  • paulpawpaulpaw member
    @Aerialmrs I hysterically cried through my entire dentist appt today. I’m with you friend!
  • I had my cervical length ultrasound today and it’s good! It was nice to see Levi on the big screen even if for only a little. 
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  • emjeveemjeve member
    I had my 16w appt yesterday. Waited almost an hour for the doctor for literally a 3 minute check. Bump is measuring on track and heart rate was 142. 20w appt and anatomy scan both scheduled for 5/4- so excited to see LO again!

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  • I had my 16W appointment yesterday even though I'm really only 15W..but it was fine! HB looks good but baby was wiggling around a ton so it was hard to get a good listen. I did talk a little more with my OB about having a tubal ligation completed during my RCS...I feel like I'm about 95% sure I'm going to go ahead with that route.
  • paulpawpaulpaw member
    @chewie5990 they brought that up for me as well and said it doesn’t change recovery at all. I was hoping my husband would take the recovery hit for that one. 
  • @chewie5990 @paulpaw definitely contemplating that since I'll be open anyway. But DH volunteered to be snipped so thinking I should just let him do it.
  • @sleepydaze and @paulpaw we always assumed DH would get the snip as well but then I remind myself that he will probably milk his recovery for all it's worth and I'll be the one who has to pay for it! I'm going to check with insurance to see cost..since I'm already on the operating table I would like to assume the cost would not be the same as if I were jus having the tubal on its own (but who knows b/c healthcare is the worst) If it's going to be cheaper for me to go ahead with the tubal than it will be for DH to get the snip then that will probably sway my decision further. And my OB keep assuring me that there will literally be zero difference in recovery and I will not even know it happened. 
  • paulpawpaulpaw member
    @chewie5990 I also thought about cost but since I’ve nearly hit my deductible already and will for sure hit my OOP max might as well. Logical me says I should get it done but the I’ve carried these babies and had two major surgeries me says MH should.
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    @chewie5990 my sister had her 3rd c section in feb and got the tubal done at the same time. She said she would never have known in terms of recovery. That being said, she had 2 rough c sections previously (one was emergent after 24h of labour and the other they had to clean her uterus because my niece pooped as she was delivered). Either way every section is different🤷🏻‍♀️
  • 16 week appointment was easy! Nice strong heartbeat of 140 and not a whole lot else going on. I did to the neural tube blood draw today which I hadn’t been expecting. Glad I could get it done right then. 
  • Had the 16 week appointment today! Heartbeat sounded good. Has anyone’s OB mentioned weight gain yet? Mine seemed concerned that I’ve lost weight. My old OB never mentioned weight ever 
  • @whatabout2ndbreakfast my OB hasn’t said anything yet this pregnancy. In my first, they didn’t mention anything until the last few weeks when I was very close to having gained a total of 25 pounds, and they suggested I slow it down. I definitely did not follow that suggestion. I just kept growing that baby and gained 5 more.
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  • @Aerialmrs I’m a little late getting caught up on this thread but I have supplemented with vitamin D3 with every pregnancy and while breastfeeding. 

    @whatabout2ndbreakfast I went 4 months without gaining with my first and then gained 10 lbs in the next month. I was so upset about it but my doctor was happy. He said he was going to mention me needing to gain if I hadn’t come in with the 10lb weight gain. I was underweight when I got pregnant with that baby (I was 17 so carbs never found a spot to settle 😆). 
  • sawasapsawasap member
    @whatabout2ndbreakfast At my very first phone appointment, the nurse at my OB's office suggested a weight gain target for me, but I started overweight so that might be why. I actually brought it up at my last appointment because I hadn't gained at all yet and they weren't really concerned with that and said it was only something they would be looking into if I'd lost 10+ lbs in the first trimester or still wasn't gaining at all later on. Baby was measuring right on track though, which from what I understand is the big concern with low weight gain. Did your OB mention anything about the growth rate for you?
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    @whatabout2ndbreakfast in my last pregnancy I lost about 5 lbs in my first tri. I brought it up with my midwife but she wasn’t concerned. This time I probably lost about the same (haven’t checked in a while) but my midwife hasn’t seen me so she can’t be concerned yet lol. My first pregnancy I gained 10 in the first trimester 🤷🏻‍♀️ My doc wasn’t too concerned then either. I think as long as it’s not too extreme it’s probably fine. 
  • @sawasap she didn’t give me a target, I’m technically overweight to begin with by 10-15 lbs lol so I was surprised she seemed concerned. She gave me a list of snacks and everything! I’m pretty sure I only lost 5-10 lbs. 
  • I'm 19 weeks today and just now back up to my pre-pregnancy weight since I lost in the first trimester. At my 16 week appointment I was still lighter than I started. My doctor mentioned it but was not concerned. She just wanted to make sure I was eating enough and able to keep the food down.. 
  • @babybelugaco I swear the scales at every doctors office I step on are 5-8 lbs off and I weigh in heavier than I actually am. It’s annoying. I was telling DH about it and he stepped on the scale at the ER and it’s 10 lbs off from our scale. It’s not just this scale, it’s every scale I have ever owned. I swear it’s been this way my entire life. 
  • @cassafrass123 yay! See I thought they always try to find a reason for an extra scan since we had extras with the first two but I guess that’s not necessarily true! DS1 had 3 cm of uncoiled cord and DS2 had a spot on his heart- both turned out to be no big deal
  • @whatabout2ndbreakfast I was starting to suspect that too! DD1 was just moving too much to get a clear picture of her heart. DD2 had some potentially scary abnormalities around her fetal blood supply in her liver, but fortunately turned out to be benign.
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