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Let’s talk timing - end of summer bebes

Mamas who’ve experienced 3rd trimester during summer months before- share your thoughts! 
What are the pros/cons?
Do you like this timing?

FTM/Mamas who’ve never gestated a big belly thru hot weather- what are you looking forward to? What are you dreading?

Re: Let’s talk timing - end of summer bebes

  • ageaagea member
    edited March 21
    Both my previous pregnancies were due in the coldest winter months- Jan & Feb (worst months imho).
    I HATED first trimester sickness in the hot weather, totally miserable. But turns out I also hated first trimester during the depressing winter months too, so what do I know?
    I am kind of looking forward to being able to go to the pool when I’m hot & big. Although will have to figure out the swimsuit sitch. I never loved any of my maternity clothes so not sad about not wearing again.
    I imagine myself in cute flowy summer dresses but also I’m not this person so it’s purely a fantasy. I’ll be in a tee and shorts and sneakers, no doubt.
    Wondering if I’ll be much more miserable in the heat than I’m imagining.
    But a September baby will have such better birthday party options than my poor winter babes.
  • I was pregnant at the exact same time in 2018.  It's a lot like you would suspect, very sweaty and an insane amount of water consumption.  Flowy dressed were a life saver.  

    Pros- No need for pants!
            - Lots of time outside in the fresh air.
            - Swimming and walking are great forms of exercise for pregnancy.

    Cons- Even more sweaty and hot because baby is a tiny heater.
             - Finding a bathing suit that is comfortable and looks cute is hard!
             - No patio beers.  

    I'm sure there are tonnes more. 
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  • ageaagea member
    @deziraywatt did you go one piece or two piece?

    and no beers is ALWAYS a bummer.
  • I loved my winter pregnancy, wearing sweaters and leggings in the final months. 
    I am not looking forward to it being too hot for me to wear my compression socks every day. 
    I live in South Carolina and it gets so hot and humid in August. It’s the worst month of the summer. I’m going to be the world’s sweatiest pregnant lady. 
    Also no beers on hot days 😫 solidarity @deziraywatt and @agea
    I need some positivity! Someone have something good to say about it!
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  • In the lower 48 I may not like it too much but it’s perfect for AK. I get to spend the summer outside in the sun and have the baby right as fall/winter sets in here. Then, I can just hibernate through the winter with my new baby. 

    Nights may get awful if it gets too hot. With my last baby we had just arrived in AK and it was an exceptionally warm summer. I ended up having to sleep with a bag of ice on my back just so I could fall asleep. I may just move to the basement of it gets that hot again. 
  • @agea I went with a 2 piece.  Left lots of room for my belly to grow.  
  • My perspective might be a little different because I'm a teacher and I'll be on summer vacation for third tri. I'm thrilled that I won't have to dress up for work or worry about my water breaking during math class. 😂 I will miss having a glass of cold rosé or a beer, but I'll survive. We have air conditioning units for our windows and my in-laws have central air, so we're good! 

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  • I will say, one thing I’m grateful for is that by the time warm weather rolls around again, our babies will already be 6 months old. We won’t have to worry about keeping them out of direct sun at all times since we can actually put sunscreen on them!
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  • I see lots of positives for having a Sept. Due date.  Jan-March are basically months I hate, so they were a good time to be sick/hibernating for the first tri. DS2 was born in August which meant morning sickness ruined my Christmas that year. Glad I was able to enjoy that this year.

    Plus, we'll be in the easiest part of our pregnancy during the spring and early summer, my favorite time of year.  I am a hot weather girl, as we spend alot of time at the pool, so being in third tri late summer doesn't really bother me. As long as I can find a swim suit, I'll be good!   Also, sad about missing cold beers this summer. I'll have to save myself for fall pumpkin ales! 
  • krash_krash_ member
    DS was a June baby. I thought it would be perfect being able to go out with the newborn and go on walks not worrying about bundling them but but we basically went from it being too hot to take the newborn out to too cold so we spent his first like 10 months stuck inside. Being pregnant in the winter/spring wasn't bad though. 

    This time I'm pretty neutral on it. I am always cold, even pregnant so I'm excited to enjoy the outdoors with DS and my belly. Dressing seems like it will be easier, dresses, tee's and shorts are much easier than sweaters and pants. We also see people more in the summer so I'm looking forward to "showing off" the belly, especially with COVID getting outside for socialization will be clutch. I'm excited for when baby arrives that it will maybe be mild enough to get out. And I'm hoping to come up with a cute baby wearing Halloween costume. 
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  • I had November and April babies. Hoping I can just put my kids out in the yard all summer while I sit my big butt in a kiddie pool? 😅 Looking forward to hiding my post partum body in sweaters all winter. More time before shorts come out again so that’s a pro maybe??
  • @kissyfir1586 yes!! Pumpkin beers!!
    @whatabout2ndbreakfast yes, I definitely think the longer postpartum winter baggy clothes period will be a positive!
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  • paulpawpaulpaw member
    Summer 3rd tri is new for me too. J is a winter baby and I actually liked that timing for everything but birthday parties. They are predicting a back to normal summer for covid so I’m betting on lots of backyard BBQs and parties, maybe I’ll find the stroller fan for myself.

    I’m kind of bummed my breastfeeding skinniness will be in the winter, oh how I love those extra calories burned. 

  • muggsdmuggsd member
    I’ve had 2 spring babies. I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t be able to use the majority of my maternity clothes again, but I’m looking forward to being out and active more with this one! 
  • DS1 was December and it was great! I loved a fall third trimester. DS2 was May and it sucked! Feb-April are the snowiest months here and so most of my second and third trimester I was miserable, not really wanting to go outside, and I slipped on ice twice with my huge belly and zero balance. 

    I'm excited for a summer third trimester - as a teacher I am finished working at the end of May so it will be so nice to just kinda relax (if chasing around a 5 and 1 year old is considered relaxing). I am not looking forward to the heat, but we are super active in the summer, so I'm hoping I will get more exercise and physical activity which will hopefully help with my sciatica. 
  • @paulpaw but at least it will be easier to eat all the holiday treats and not have to worry about it!
  • @paulpaw I’m one of those who doesn’t lose a single pound breastfeeding until 6 months 🙄 I felt so jipped last time haha
  • @whatabout2ndbreakfast I lose a ton quick, but as soon as I stop BF I gain like 10-15 pounds
  • A summer pregnancy is new to me too!  My first was a March baby (although supposed to be born in February) and I was so swollen starting around 30 weeks so I can't even imagine what it'll be like in the summer.  I guess I'll be wearing a lot of dresses but will need to figure out a chub rub solution because my normal skimmies are probably going to be too tight.
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  • sawasapsawasap member
    @feelingjovani Try antiperspirant or deodorant where the thighs touch! I was complaining about this with a friend years ago in an elevator, and some random woman in there gave us that tip. Works great!

    FTM here, but I'm glad I won't have to buy a bunch of maternity winter wear. I have a few dresses that should work all the way through and now have an excuse to buy more flowy summer dresses. My mom has a pool, so super excited to spend a lot of time floating in it this summer. I'll miss my summer beers, but it'll still be warm in September! I've already decided that I'm going to treat myself to one of the expensive microbrew IPAs as my first post-pregnancy drink.
  • +1 for looking forward to spending the summer in the pool haha! And when not in the pool in a flowy comfy dress. 

    @emeraldduchess @chewie5990 I work in a school too, although I’ll work the month of July for our summer school program. That’s just 4 half days per week though, so I’m definitely happy to not have to do work things all day long during the 3rd tri haha

    I think I’m going to desperately miss my margaritas and rosè all summer, but DH has promised to come up with some good mocktails for me!
  • paulpawpaulpaw member
    @chewie5990 exactly the same for me, I lose all the weight then when I stop
    boom 10-15 back on. Sigh 
  • This is new to me. DD was born March 1st in a snowstorm. And I was sweating 8 weeks before her delivery so I could only imagine what this summer will be like. No margaritas by the pool..... all the chub rub.... @feelingjovani I have a whole second stick of deodorant just for chub rub. I rub it on my thighs and it really helps LOL - I also bought some thin maternity bike shorts from old navy to go under my dresses. I’m fully prepared to be miserable LOL 
  • @sawasap @runningonindie I've tried the deodorant thing and for some reason it just feels weird on me.  I might try getting some maternity biker shorts to wear under dresses.  

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  • emjeveemjeve member
    My kids are December, March, and June babies so I’ve never been super pregnant during our hottest months. I’m not looking forward to it. I hate being too hot! During my last pregnancy my mom took me to Florida when I was 32 weeks and the heat made me swell up so badly I couldn’t even get my flip flops between my toes! It was awful and really painful- I’m already dreading summer! We just joined a country club so we will have access to a pool, so that will be nice. But I’m super fair skinned and I need tons of sunscreen- I’ll probably end up using a whole bottle every time just to cover my gigantic belly. Oh Lordy... I’m going to be a ghostly whale walking around in my swim suit 🤦‍♀️ 🐋 

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  • ageaagea member
    @emjeve super fair too. So are the kids. Like THE fairest of them all.
    you can find me in the shade 🌴⛱
  • DS1 was born May - DS2 was born September

    I honestly don't have too much of a preference, there were pros/cons to both. I liked being out in the sunshine right away with my Spring baby, worrying about the sun exposure was annoying though for sure. It also kinda sucked that at 6 months right when they start to get more fun/active, we were stuck inside for the Winter. My September baby was also nice to spend those first couple months outside with decent weather before being stuck for the Winter. It's also nice to hit the 4 month sleep regression in the Winter when you're exhausted and nobody is getting together anyhow. 

    As far as pregnancy, I HATE wearing maternity pants, sweaters etc. I much prefer the light dresses for maternity wear...so in that sense I like the summer/fall babies!! But I do miss patio beers in the Summer  :p
  • @chewie5990 @paulpaw I'm the same, the weight comes right off when breastfeeding. Honestly it was probably my biggest motivator to keep going, as I'm not a huge fan of breastfeeding tbh!
  • @feelingjovani as a runner with thick thighs who is very familiar with chub rub, I strongly recommend "monistat chafing relief powder gel".  Its kind of like a gel form of baby powder, you feel it for the first minute or so but then it just blends to your skin and don't notice it.  I have worn it running over 13+ miles and run in to no issues.  Last year my son had an ill-fitting bathingsuit and chafed horribly at his waist, but we were on vacation and no stores nearby had anything else so he was stuck with it for a few days.  I put this on him day2 and he was in/out of the pool constantly but the chafing didn't get worse.  By the end of day 3, with another application in the morning, the chafing was almost entirely gone.  I absolutely swear by this stuff.

    My son's a march baby. He helped keep me warm in the winter months, so I am not looking forward to this baby helping keep me warm in the summer months.  My niece already let me know I can go over to her pool every day once its open, and I fully intend to haha.  Definitely going to need to find some good virgin margarita recipes for this summer too, because it is HARD to not have a deliciously blended beverage to sip while poolside.  I have visions of pretty flowy dresses this summer but I'm short and just look stumpy so I'm sure I'll just be shorts and tanktops, but that's usually what I find most comfortable anyways. I found trying to squeeze into wintry maternity clothes tough as I was nearing the end, so flowing tanks and loose fitting shorts will hopefully be a nice change.
  • I had a July baby the first go around. I didn’t think it was that bad but I wasn’t outside as much as I am now 🤣 I got a two piece and plan on rocking that for our 10 day beach trip in June but we normally walk to get coffee every morning while we’re there. I told FH that’s not going to be a thing when I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant 🤣
  • My daughter is a February baby so this is going to be a total polar opposite! I am looking forward to not worrying about wiping out on ice patches from inconsiderate neighbors who refuse to shovel though! 
    I'm already a sweaty mess in non-pregnant times so I'm just going to be soaked all summer long. 
  • DD1 was a late Sept. baby while DD2 was late Spring. I LOVED wearing long sleeves when I was big, but I ended both pregnancies sweating it out. The biggest pro is that you don’t have to figure out outerwear. Con: so hot and sweaty!!
  • @chewie5990 @paulpaw Same! I lost all my baby weight breast feeding. When we weaned, I gained 10 back so fast. I got excited and have skinny jeans I don't think I'll ever fit in again.

    Im super nervous about being so swollen this summer. I have a lymphatic disorder that I kept pretty under control with my first since I was heavy pregnant in winter. I'm not ready for this Texas heat! 
  • @bluebell08 Oh no! From one Texan to another, I’m wishing you a very mild summer. This is my second September baby, but we had such a rainy summer in 2017 that it was only uncomfortable for the last six weeks. Fingers crossed we get a break like that again! 

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