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Brown blood after miscarraige

I had a chemical pregnancy and began the process of bleeding and naturally miscarrying almost a month ago.  I bled for about 6 days and then stopped.  The doctor did a sonogram and took my hcg levels which were in the 20s and found something that they thought could be tissue or a polyp and decided to keep an eye on it.  Then almost 2 weeks later I started noticing brown blood.  They redid the sonogram and the uterus was now clear.  My hcg levels went to below 3.  I was told this was a good thing and that I likely passed tissue that was still there and producing hormone.  However since that last sonogram it’s now a week later and I still see this brown blood. My doctor said he wasn’t concerned but if it kept bleeding I should come back. yesterday the blood temporarily got heavier and turned red but then when back to being brown and lighter again today. I plan to see my doctor again tomorrow but am wondering if others have had this experience.  I am so confused why I am still bleeding a week after the sonogram looking clear and hcg being below 3

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    I am sorry for your loss. I had a chemical pregnancy this past week and was bleeding for over a week - I thought it would end once I went back to spotting dark brown, it came back a little heavier/red, and then back to brown where I think it's finally over. My HCG was at 12 on Wednesday and I am going back tomorrow morning for hopefully one more round of bloodwork to make sure it's back to where it needs to be.

    I just think it may take your body some time to shed everything it needs, or maybe it was a new period? Stay well. 
  • Thanks so much for your response! I’m sorry you’ve been on the same painful journey. It’s crazy the havoc this wreaks in our bodies.  I assumed bc it was chemical it would be quick :(. Good luck to you! 
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  • Sorry for your loss.  I've had 5 MC, all of them before 8 weeks.  Some of them I bled for almost a week and that was it.  Others, especially the last one, I bled for almost a month off and on before my body finally started trying to move on.  HCG levels can definitely give you an idea of how your body is processing the MC, but sometimes it just takes longer/more cramps or bleeding than others.  Also, if it's your first MC/PG, sometimes it can take more time as your body just isn't really used to what is happening.
  • Thanks so much for the advice.  I’ve been so taken aback by how short the pregnancy was and how long the recovery is and you read all these things online that make it seem like you should barely noticed you miscarried after a chemical pregnancy... and yet it’s been a month of on and off bleeding and discharge! 
  • Yeah, sorta ridiculous that sometimes the miscarriage takes longer than the pregnancy even existed.  Every miscarriage can be different, so it's good to keep checking in with your doctor and track those HCG numbers down!  But also sucks when you're outside the realm of 'what most people experienced.'  Good luck with your recovery!
  • Thanks so much!  Interestingly my hcg numbers are less than 3 and negative which is why I’m so perplexed by the bleeding.  The doctor said my hormones may just be adjusting but it’s so nerve racking.  I have this feeling something is wrong and am hoping I’m not right :(
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