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Chemical Pregnancy and New Cycle

Hi everyone. I had a CP this past week. I know every one is different, but I was wondering if anyone who has had a CP could tell me how long it took for their cycle to regulate/for them to get their period afterwards? 

Re: Chemical Pregnancy and New Cycle

  • @fifilala516 I am sorry for your loss.  I have had several CPs and my cycles always returned to normal immediately. 
  • @fifilala516 I agree with @holly321 , for the most part my cycles returned after my CPs almost on schedule.  However, be warned that even with a CP you could have some wonky things happening in the next several cycles, i.e. different cramping than you'd ever experienced, more/less bleeding, actually feeling O pains, etc.  It can take your body up to 6 months to regulate out to a 'new normal' after a MC, even after a CP.
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