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6 weeks and spotting

So I'm six weeks pregnant today, got my first positive test last Sunday and had two more on Monday and Tuesday. Starting Wednesday, I've had very light, faint pink discharge, like barely pink tinged sometimes, and only noticeable when I wiped. However today there was a little more and I had one instance of brighter, closer to red when I wiped and later there was a tiny clot that was dark red. I'm so scared that I've lost the baby. I haven't even been able to make my first appointment yet.
I'm just wondering how likely it is to be just be nothing, or to be something else. I haven't had any cramping. The only big symptom I've had has been mood swings and I still feel like I have that. Has anyone else had spotting and it been okay?

Re: 6 weeks and spotting

  • Spotting can be something totally benign, or it can be bad, you won't know until an u/s can be done and you talk to your dr. Have you called your dr and said you're spotting? They should be able to work you in, I would think. 

    I've had spotting in a few pregnancies, only one ended up in a living child. I'm sorry you're spotting, the unfortunate situation is that you won't know anything until you get in to your dr. I know it's scary, but you're pregnant until you're not. Hold on to that, call your dr, and take it easy. 
  • If you have had sex you may have irritated the cervix.  It could be something, it could be nothing.  Call your doctors office and talk to the nurses line, they will guide you from there. 
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