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Subchronic hematoma?

Hi ladies. 
After reading my US report they noted a “small subchronic hematoma”.  
Just messaged my midwife, waiting for her to call me back. 
Anyone experience this? I am dating about 7w5d. 
Baby looked healthy and had a strong heartbeat.

Re: Subchronic hematoma?

  • I had one with my son and I have one now. They just say pelvic rest, it will likely go away on its own, especially a small one!
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  • @demimondaine thank you! That seems to be sort of the general thing I’m seeing. 
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  • I had the same on my ultrasound. I’m 7w4d and the ultrasound was 3 days ago. They didn’t mention it at the appointment but when I messaged about it said there was nothing to worry about. 
  • I have one as well, a small one on my right side. It wasn’t mentioned until I brought it up.  Although, not to worry you, but my doctors office said that they can sometimes lead to miscarriage, and sometimes not... it really is case by case. If it’s small I wouldn't worry about it! 
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  • I have one currently and had one in the past, unlike @OneRainDrop I have never been told it can cause a m/c. My ob said they usually just resolve on their own.
  • @madiirosee I had one in my first pregnancy and also have one this time. Dr said the same they usually resolve on their own. They will continue to monitor it on the US to make sure they go away. Sometimes they can cause issues with the placenta which is partly why they monitor them. In my first pregnancy they said they were pretty common like 25% of woman have them but that isn’t consistent with what I read online. Good old google. :)
  • I had one with my daughter. It caused bleeding for me from weeks 6-10. It was always brown spotting, but it was terrifying. By the time they finally imaged me, it was already resolving and it was completely resolved by 11 weeks. Pelvic test the whole time, otherwise it was all good!
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  • I started bleeding like crazy (with large clots) at 6W5D. An u/s the next day showed an SCH but a healthy baby with a heartbeat. The doctor said it's quite common and suggested pelvic rest.
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