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Painful Cramps 12 Days After D&C?

maripie1996maripie1996 member
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Hi everyone. First time posting, so I apologize if I'm doing anything wrong here.

I just wanted to know if this is normal or not.

I had a D&C 12 days ago and the bleeding thankfully stopped yesterday, but the cramps did not. I'm still cramping throughout the day, but it's manageable. Although, when I go to the bathroom for a BM the cramps are very painful. Also, every time after I had a BM, there is a tiny, tiny little bit of blood (not coming from my bum) afterwards and it only happens after a BM.

It can't be an infection, because I had just finished my course of antibiotics that I insisted on to prevent infection.

My husband and I want to TTC again and we really want to start having sex tonight, but I'm afraid it'll hurt.

Re: Painful Cramps 12 Days After D&C?

  • @maripie1996 I had almost no bleeding and cramping with my D&C, to the point that once the extreme tiredness from the anesthesia and everything started to wear off, about 6 days after my D&C I decided to dig up some sweet potatoes in our garden. BAD choice.  After that I had the most horrific cramping and some spotting.  Did you do any activities that could have exacerbated the cramping down there?

    Also, did you have your approximately 2-week post-procedure follow-up?  I know that I wasn't cleared for sex (or anything in my vagina, including tampons) until after that follow-up visit.  Additionally, your doctor often benches you until at least after your next AF (sometimes up to 3 cycles) following a MC and D&C, just to ensure that nothing was 'missed' and there aren't any complications from the procedure.  So I'd definitely check on all of that before you and DH just decide to TTCAL right away!!!!  Trust me... it's BETTER to just wait it out a few cycles, than to face the possible complications of rushing into it. 
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