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  • My back is killing me most of the time right now...I can't seem to get comfortable. I think I've been overdoing it the last couple of weeks and it's starting to catch up with me. I'm trying to relax today but I have so much to do before going back to work tomorrow! I've also had headaches the past few days again so hoping that slowing down today will help.
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  • Stopped taking B6+ unisom and my nausea has come back a bit but so far not quite as bad as it was. Definitely not dropping my zofran any time soon. Other than that I’m just sore and achey all the time and the SPD is killer.
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  • Having heartburns on and off from around mid-day. I've also been having a very slight headache that comes and goes and I feel it's worse when laying down... sinus? I've been having a bit of sciatic pain in the last 2 days, just a pinch in my butt cheek when I stand up.
  • @brynn_mamaof4 I looooooove my Snoogle
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    @gusgus14 I told my fiancé earlier that I can’t wait to go to bed tonight inside my snoogle with my sleep headphones, listening to binaural tones, and sleep like a baby. 
  • My back is killing me, I'm still so constipated, and the heart burn is coming on strong. Almost 23 weeks and I remember why I dislike pregnancy so much lol. 

  • Definitely on the back pain train over here. And my snoogle is normally awesome, but my 4yr old apparently doesn’t fit! He came into my bed for a few nights in a row and pretty much was on my like a leach. I was so hot and uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep! So the one night I don’t use it, he doesn’t come into my room. 

    I am still swollen. And I’ll continue to be. I only gained like 5 lbs in the first trimester, but a solid 15 since I started second trimester 😩. I haven’t been eating more, just as I would if I weren’t pregnant. It’s frustrating because I knew this was coming, but I always think I can keep my weight gain to a reasonable level if I am active and don’t overeat. But no, it doesn’t matter, I gain so much as soon as I start to swell. 70lbs with my first, 60lbs with my 2nd, 50lbs with my 3rd. My only hope is to keep it around 40-50lbs. Which will put me around 200lbs at my due date. I’m only 5’4”😑

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  • I had been having really bad heartburn for a couple of all day, every day. And now suddenly it's gone? I haven't had heartburn in nearly a week. Not that I'm complaining but is that normal? I haven't been doing anything different really with my diet to prevent heartburn
  • @nsk489 same here. The week of Christmas I had unbearable heartburn that went up in to my throat and actually gave me a sore throat. Nothing helped! But then by the middle of last week and this week it has been mostly gone (I say mostly because I did wake up with it one night really bad but that was it).
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  • @nsk489 I bet your baby and uterus shifted away from your stomach a bit. The heartburn might be back towards the end, when everything is squished. Just be prepared! 

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  • @yellingbanana then I will enjoy the brief break from heartburn while I can 😆
  • Is anybody else getting skin tags? I got a few under my armpits during my last pregnancy, now I'm getting them on my neck and... on my belly ?!?! They're tiny at least.
  • Overall been feeling pretty good other than the round ligament pains, which for some reason are way worse in the evenings. 

    After hearing all the snoogle raves I may have to look at getting one too... 
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    Wrong thread.
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  • @mimser not new ones but I think the ones I already have get a bit bigger. I have one on my back/side and the other day it got caught on a thread from my bra 😩 

    I had a mole removed several months ago from my shoulder because it got bigger during my last pregnancy 👎🏻
  • @mimser @ckmb_1250 not a skin tag, but I have a new mole near my nipple area that I noticed early in pregnancy and it has grown so much! I went to the dermatologist because I was so nervous. He said that it’s normal, and that typically they consider most tags and moles that develop and even grow rather quickly in pregnancy super normal. I had no idea but feel relieved! 
  • @mimser I had a tag/mole (skin colored something that was more like a mole) my last pregnancy.  My GP said it was normal and nothing to be concerned about and offered to remove it and she did.  She sent it off and it was nothing.  I haven't noticed any this time. 

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  • @mimser @ccmrc143 I have what looks like a mole also on the outer border of my areola that’s just cropped up in the past couple weeks. I have a lot of moles and beauty marks but this one is skin-colored, not dark like the rest. And I don’t have any others on my boobs. So it might be a skin tag? I’m gonna ask the OB during my appointment next week. 
  • Looks like I'm not alone with some skin changes! I didn't even think to mention it to my OB this morning, but I'm really not worried about it as they are so so small and my mom had a bunch of them too. I guess I'll just keep an eye on them if they grow, hurt or look funny.
  • @mimser I got a lot on my neck and a couple under my arms and boobs last pregnancy. I cut the collars off many of my at-home t-shirts because they rubbed/caught and were irritating. If I got more this pregnancy, I wouldn't notice (however I'm thinking sometime after this, my last pregnancy, I might try to go in and get them all removed.)

  • Got some killer reflux last night. Thankfully a couple of Tums and a small glass of milk before bed helped.
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