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STM+ Check In 1/6

How far along are you?

How many kids do you already have? Ages?


GTKY: Favorite/Least Favorite Thing About January?:

Re: STM+ Check In 1/6

  • How far along are you? 22+4

    How many kids do you already have? Ages? One who will be 3 tomorrow  :'(

    Rants/Raves: Rave: We paid my husband's car off yesterday!! We are going to have to buy a new car because neither of ours will fit 3 car seats but we are hoping to hold off until July/August when we plan on them starting daycare. This will give us about 6-7 months with no car payment for him which we can use to pay down other debt before adding a car payment back. Woo!

    GTKY: Favorite/Least Favorite Thing About January?: I always like the concept of a fresh year plus it's my daughter's birthday month so that's fun. Least favorite is that it means the holiday season is over. 
  • How far along are you? 20+6

    How many kids do you already have? Ages? 3 boys, 4, 3 and 1

    Rants/Raves: Monday I registered DS#2&3 for preschool, and today I signed up for a new parent interview for the school were we're sending DS#1 to kindergarten. These boys are growing up so fast.

    I am a little nervous about DS#3 he's 16 months, and still isn't talking. I know that these things can start out slow and then once they start it comes really fast, and he still has 8 months, but I can't picture him in school yet. 

    GTKY: Favorite/Least Favorite Thing About January?: Not a huge fan of January, weather is blah, work is really busy, there's nothing really to look forward to for several months. My father's birthday is in January, so some years we do a big weekend were we all go home, and that's nice, but obviously that's not happening this year.

    @gusgus14 nice! I know we're going to have to trade in my car for a minivan in the next year or two, but I am not ready. I love my car and I do not want to take on that second car payment. (My current car is old, and already paid off)
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  • @mrosek91 we weren't planning on a new car any time soon but when we found out we were having twins it changed everything! I'm just hoping we can get a good trade in on his car so we can keep the payment about the same as it was since our daycare costs are going to triple. My car is a few years newer so it might make sense to trade that one in but we owe a lot more on it and I drove an '05 up until 2018 so I'm not giving mine up anytime soon (plus I hate driving minivans and that's what we're getting). 
  • @gusgus14 not sure what this says about me, but I've planned on having a big family and driving a mini-van since I was a little girl. But when I bought my current car in 2014 I hadn't even met DH yet, and was planning on spacing my children a little farther apart. Funny how quickly plans can change. 
    We bought DH's car when I was pregnant with #2, and it's an SUV with a third row, so we will be able to fit the whole family, but it will be a little squishy, and I'm not sure how easy it will be for DS#1 to get in and out, (thankfully he can operate the buckle himself for both in and out, so I won't need to get back there).
    It's also annoying that if I need to take all three boys anywhere we need to switch cars because mine won't fit three car seats, so I'm sure that frustration will increase with the new baby.
    And with DS#1 starting kindergarten next year we're going to need to start discussing carpool....
    Ugh, too much to think about... I'm going to enjoy my car while I can. (Not that I do that often these days, what with never leaving the house.)
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    @mrosek91My son is close in age to yours and I don't feel he really talks yet either. I think he says his name, and kind of umms/mums and calls with his hand when he wants something. But the babbling is getting stronger and he listens to some instructions so I mostly am not worried. 

    How far along are you? 
    18w 3d

    How many kids do you already have? Ages? 15m DS

    Rants/RavesI found a really nice secondhand carseat (uppababy MESA) with a 2025 expiry date for less than $100, less than what I paid for the the current MESA my DS has and in better condition. I wasn't planning on leaving the house for another month, but it was such a good deal. But I hate driving and I had to bring my DS who I was hoping would nap. (He mostly did, hooray!) But when I was almost there I got confused by my google map directions and should've stopped when I saw a toll route sign. I didn't and was one minute from my destination. 

    I got stuck on the toll route, had no idea how to get off or how to get back, basically screamed "let me off" and cried for those 5 minutes and it took 20 minutes to get back. Pregnancy hormones are not fun. Luckily my DS slept the whole time I was panicking and I made it there safely and back home happy with my new car seat. 

    It was kind of cool to look back and see the two carseats and realize that soon the new one will be occupied. 

    GTKY: Favorite/Least Favorite Thing About January?:
    Since the snow is at it's best,it's the best time to enough it, but we're probably not going back home for awhile. 
    School vacation, but this is the second year in a row that my father in law has had health issues and my husband has had to use his whole vacation helping him instead of awesome together time. 
  • How far along are you? 21 weeks today 

    How many kids do you already have? Ages? 13 year old girl, 9 year old boy, 4 year old girl

    Rants/Raves: I am so happy to be starting a new year! Surely this year has to be better than 2020. I’m excited to see some progress. 

    GTKY: Favorite/Least Favorite Thing About January?: favorite it’s my oldest’s birthday on the 15th and I am actually always a little relieved to be done with the holiday season... least fav, jan and feb are the coldest months of the year here (really feb but I dread Jan leading up to it!)
  • @mrosek91 My youngest was doing the same as yours. At his 18 month appointment I ended up getting a referral to an ENT and Early Childhood Intervention.  By 18 months he already had 3 ear infections, so they wanted to rule out any hearing loss.  That appointment went well, but she explained to me that fluid can stay on their ears for up to 6 weeks after an infections, so his ear infections could have resulted in months of garbled hearing which can affect speech.  We went ahead and did an evaluation with ECI and he was approved for the program based on his results.  (He was saying less than a handful of words).  We met with a SLP weekly and, boy, was it amazing. It was in the middle of quarantine and virtual, so I had little hope, but the tools she gave us were spot on.  Within a few short weeks his language exploded and we graduated from the program by the time he was 22 months.  Basically, I say alllll that to say, by the time your sons 18 month appointment rolls around, ask your pedi for options and take advantage of them if you're the least bit worried, because you might as well!
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  • brynn_mamaof4brynn_mamaof4 member
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    @mrosek91 my 3rd child barely a word for her first two years. I could tell she knew HOW, she was comprehending... I always thought one day this little girl is just going to bust out into a monologue. Honestly I think she didn’t really *need* to speak because she had two older siblings who never stopped talking and I don’t think I did a great job of letting her ask for things, I rather anticipated what she needed. 

    She still wasn’t speaking hardly any words by her 2nd birthday and we started speech therapy (a program call first steps) where a therapist came to our house a couple times a week and worked with her. It made such a huge difference! She did it for an entire year and graduated. Now of course you would never know she barely spoke a word for the first two years of her life.... but anyway, ask your pedi! They can refer to a program through the state. 
  • @texas_t @brynn_mamaof4 thanks! I've heard so many stories about how kids weren't speaking, and weren't speaking, and then all of sudden they were saying everything. It even happened with DS#1, so I keep telling myself not to worry, but of course easier said than done.
    brynn_mamaof4 I do sometimes wonder if part of it is that his two brothers do a LOT of talking, and he's very good at telling us what he wants by pointing, walking, and nodding. We do keep prompting him to talk, but he seems to have a "you're going to give it to me anyway, so why bother" attitude.
    I will definitely bring it up at his 18 month if we haven't had improvement by them. I was going to mention it as his 15, but then there were scheduling issues and DH ended up taking him. DH is much more laid back than me, and thinks that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
    I was concerned about doing it virtually if he does need help, so texas_t I'm glad to hear that went well for you.
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    How far along are you? 23+5

    How many kids do you already have? Ages?3 kids: 14DD, 9DD, 4DS 

    Rants/Raves: my kids have both been getting along better and fighting more intensely! Lol! My favorite things right now is how much love DS shows to Mia. And I’m feeling great after all good news from the doctor about Mia’s heart today! 

    GTKY: Favorite/Least Favorite Thing About January?: I LOVE snow, because we rarely get a significant amount. When we do, it’s usually in January.  
    I hate leaving school vacation mode. 

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  • @mrosek91 i don’t remember the age, but when my daughter was young I worried about it and I wanna say I asked her pediatrician about it at our 18 month appointment and he said that he could refer me to someone or just wait and see. My mom told me not to worry because I was also a late talker and just started talking one day and never shut it 😂. I wanna say at sometime between 18m and 2 years she started taking more. 

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