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Questions week of 1/3

Happy New year!  What questions do you have this week?

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Re: Questions week of 1/3

  • Is anyone else not sleeping their normal hours? I fall asleep just fine, but wake up everyday around 3 or 4 in the morning and can’t get back to sleep. Even if I stay up late! 

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  • @yellingbanana Me! Thankfully, I am able to fall back asleep after the MOTN wake up (also around 3 or 4) but it takes time, some days up to an hour. So frustrating.
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  • @yellingbanana Almost every night.  We go to bed between 8-8:30 and I always wake up between midnight and 3am.  I usually stay up for a few hours before going back to sleep.  Sometimes I have to take a zofran because I wake up too nauseated to sleep.  Last night I took a Tylenol PM and slept so good.  I only woke up to pee at 2 and again at 4 when my 4 y/o woke me up to help her potty.  I tried to go back to sleep nauseated and had a dream I was vomiting so I got up and took a zofran and was able to sleep in until 6am.

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  • My sleep has been a little weird in that it’s hard for me to wake up. I am a night owl and usually don’t go to bed till midnight-1am anyway, but today for instance I woke up at 8am, fell back asleep HARD, and couldn’t get out of bed till 11:30 which is weird for me (my other kiddos are at their dads). I was just so tired. I started taking my calm magnesium again last night though and I think that is what made me so sleepy, because I fell asleep really quickly too after taking it. 
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